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WGN sports Andy mazer, David Bowie recorded his first career multi Homer game cubs nine one win over the back last night boaty drowning in five of the cubs runs. They went for the fourth time in their last six cubs at Diamondbacks wrap up their series later on this afternoon white tiger for postponed because of the lovely January weather. We had any pro yesterday in Chicago Hamilton made up as part of a split double header on Wednesday July third to finish up the short series this afternoon a guaranteed right field. I'll have your pre game at twelve thirty five at DJ. The call at one ten here on WGN Reynaldo Lopez against Matthew Boyd whites. Actual also updates to us on the condition of Illinois. Dennis final days selections for the bears yesterday in the fourth round. They choose Riley Ridley wide receiver from Georgia Duke, Shelia db from Kansas state goes in the six round to seventh round picks. What was with white junior running back from Florida Atlantic and the last was defensive back Stephen Denmark from dasta state and Clayton Thorson training into northwestern purple for Philadelphia green QB selected in the fifth round of the NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles NHL playoffs yet today. It was Columbus over Boston. Three two in double overtime. Not to shame with a game winning goal that series tied at one also tied at one of the stars and blues after Dallas gets a four two win yesterday. Toronto wins game one of its Eastern Conference semifinal series against Philadelphia. One eight ninety five and the nuggets at the feet of the Spurs ninety eight eighty six to win the best of seven western quarterfinal series, four games to three on the home of the Blackhawks the northwestern. Wildcats and White Sox baseball handy. Bazars WGN sports WGN traffic.

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