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Were you at that eight was the seventh inning i be traffic oh one guy you hear this they call the home runs the brake light and he's like oh gosh i can't believe it i love a buddy of mine obviously older guy was a dave righetti in throwing a no hitter for the yankees and he was on the first date with his now wife and he said you know she was she'd had it she was like okay they're in a no hitter and it's a first date and he tried to explain your like this is a no hitter and she's like okay and then they last couple mornings thing and so he left he left a no hitter it's like you know what i'm glad he's married to her and everything i would have stayed in the nighter like if it would've cost me the date and now what it cost me my future wife obviously in this case but i'd have been like look i'm staying in an elevator sorry we're staying no i wanna go no we're staying well just take an uber home find i'm staying apparently she didn't get it you didn't quite i don't even remember what he said he i think it was like the seventh getting late it was late late but it was getting late and i would have just i i've we've had this debate a million times or like dude you can't leave that gave he's like look it was the first day to be pretty i really liked her we laughed they went and got drinks or something nearby barnum like do you cannot leave that game under any circumstances like dude i ended up marrying her mike i don't care she's got understanding if she doesn't she's the wrong one for you but apparently she wasn't the they got married and they're still married they've been married like thirty years but i just want you can't yeah leaves like dude i can leave i did leave i got married we had kids i don't care it's hard it's really hard to say he was wrong oh if you didn't save game they'll say hey i was.

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