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Jio facebook page say 35 time to get an update on the commute this thursday morning jim brown has the latest from the who radio traffic center good morning still stopandgo traffic 8035 west brom between second avenue to about merle hay due to an earlier crash at eighty six th street that crash has been cleared all lanes are open this was going to take your while we get back up to speed take it easy mitchell the lights are on 235 east and westbound no delays right now we do have an issue westbound at east university there's a stall right at the exit ramp to east university watch out for about one wrested of the metro looking good with traffic every ten minutes in the morning i'm jim brown winter weather advisories are in effect across the state until midnight we'll start off with light snow and see freezing rain by the end of the day highs in the thirties tonight the freezing rain will intensify alot of twentyeight attend to even twotenths of an inch of ice accumulation will be possible overnight all moves out by early friday at looks drive friday afternoon partly sunny with a high of thirty nine saturday's looking messy again with more rain freezing rain and snow mainly rainfall in the metro with a heavy band of snow across northwest iowa and highs in the 40s that's the latest news radio 1040 who threeday weather forecast i'm channel 13 meteorologist jerian ritter it is snowing smartly on grand avenue downtown twenty six degrees right now we have an east winded mine and the wind chill of 17 currently it's 25 m snowing and grenell i'm tom knoller next scheduled news at nine breaking news and severe weather at once on am 1040 on your radio everywhere you are on the free iheartradio app.

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