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Oh jugee are you. Okay said phoebe. I'm okay said moore djougou k. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Boogie pseudo. Tashi stay popcorn. Thanks for the help. Maybe i wish it had been a little bit quicker. But but i appreciate it. Phoebe looked down. She felt bad about how long it had taken her. If only she had learned. Jogi musha julia k. Bjorn lucky endeavour. Clever forever boogie shudo tashi mustang popcorns name. I'm sorry. she said. I tried to get help. Everyone went to. I said jogi needs help. But no one knew who i was talking about. I should've learned your full name. If only i had said gygi musha. Cape bjorn lucky endeavour. Clever forever boogie shudo. She must stay popcorn. Needs help then. We would have gotten here sooner. And you wouldn't be all scratched up trying to climb out. Gygi jogi moves. Chablis lucky endeavour clever forever. Bogey shoe dog tashi mazda. Popcorn thought for a minute. He didn't love the nickname phoebe had given him but she was his friend. He turned to phoebe and said i understand. I have a very long name but my name is important to me. We may be practiced my name with me a bit. In case you know ever fall down a hole again and you need to get help. Phoebe smiled. She was so glad that jogi mood yogi should k. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Boogie pseudo tashi mustache. Popcorns still wanted to be her friend. Of course she said. I would love to practice with you. So phoebe and shuki mood jogi musha. Julia cable worn. Lucky endeavour clever forever. Boogie shudo tashi mazda. Popcorn practiced his name and soon enough. Phoebe was able to say the whole thing without any problem. And that's the story of jogi. Mogi shabu bjorn. Lucky endeavour clever forever. Bogey pseudo tashi mazda popcorn the end. Wow what. A fun story thanks. I thought so too the and thank you for having me on your show. I'm really glad that phoebe learned how to say jogi mood. Yogi musha buoy. Bjorn lucky endeavour. Clever forever bogey. Shudo tasha stay popcorns. Full name yeah. Someone like me with kind of a tricky name. I i totally understand when someone wants to make a shorter version of it but learning someone's name is important. Like how would you feel if someone called you mandy without asking how you feel about it. I really do not like that and it makes me very unhappy. My name is not mandy. It is amanda. Hi bet well..

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