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Hello this is Patrick Prince, editor of Goldmine Magazine, the Music Collectors magazine since one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy four, and also our website goal my mag dot com. Welcome back to the gold mine podcast a part of the Pantheon podcast network also known as the MTV podcasting. This episode will be real tree for record collectors specifically we have we will have a talk with creators of Film Documentary Vinyl Nation, and that would be Kevin Smoker and Christopher Boone the documentary. Vinyl nation was filmed Preko vid and the documentary is a dig into the resurgence of vinyl records also the diversification of vinyl fans and what this all means for America Today the discussion with Christopher and Kevin we'll get into vinyl pretty in depth and what went into making the making of this film through record stores record shows record pressing plants, record, collector testimonials, record store events, and a lot more also how this was all affected by Cova. And what happened on April? Eighteenth and nineteenth of this year on what would have been record store day's weekend a vinyl nations, directors and producers that'd be Kevin and Christopher. They partnered with record store day and two hundred independent record stores in about forty six states they offered the movie digitally for one weekend and one hundred percent of the proceeds..

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