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Now is the high point man for either side of escape is only twelve. Averages thirteen on the season. But at the present moment since daddy has nobody to guard Garza's hard as he works down under the posts. That's not still, but he does an excellent job of getting himself in a position to accept the past from the guards. And then once he catches that ball. He knows exactly what to do with the second free for short off the front. Iron rebound. The Cincinnati Bearcats with the ball up sixty five sixty two three oh five to go here in Columbus. For the Bearcats is Keith Williams props about Justin, Jeff. Through traffic, and then drops it off. Cliven scored Jaren tumbling now with twelve Bearcats within appoint hawk is at sixty five sixty four Cumberland's the one that's going to have to carry Cincinnati providence struggling from the field only five of thirteen on the day. Top of the art working against Kane brew. I dribbled on the right side. Thanks. It off the glass for two for the baseline. Dribbles dribbles, right. Spins reminds me of Steve Nash back in the days of Phoenix. He's all over the place. And then any suits an unorthodox shot at the defense is not ready to defense seven second at points for Jordan Bohannon. I will three sixty seven sixty four to eighteen ago left wing boards up albatross. Scott digestion, Jen for today. Give me a range three offering. No, good scramble for the bear. Able to take it away from Cumberland arms in a walk without a foul being cold. Cincinnati keeps hoisting the threes. Only four twenty one on the day. Not a winning recipe for the Bearcats one fifty three to go three point Iowa. Hawkeyes have a basketball on the right side with Bohannon on the Griddle out front. Three. Big Joe his. Please by six with a minute thirty nine seventy sixty four. I'm out Cincinnati. Time out on the board. It's the Iowa Hawkeye seventy the Cincinnati Bearcats sixty four you're listening to Vince basketball tournament, although NCAA radio network. Geico was a proud partner for all of the sleeper team. But every other team they're waking out of nowhere coming. Are. You kidding? My eyes on the leaving the little school that could. And look they're doing everyone, including their moms surprises. Cinderella gamble. Johnson fixed bracket busters. In the words. Gyco was a proud partner for all of the madness that is March madness and little reminder. They make it easy to switch and save. Gyco. Fifteen minutes could.

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