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We which is still the best pass in. Us national team history. It was right now. What's coming for it. Yeah right It was raina who got her. And maybe mcbride yuccas mcbride got elbowed broke his face long game. So it's i mean it's it's it's unquestionably a classic. And i. i do think it is one that we will sit in in talk about in reference for at least the next decade I mean dude ran onto the field like we had. We had somebody invade the field and it's not like the the tackle on him was absolutely amazing and like it's not even in the top fifteen of crazy stuff that happened in the game. I mean there might have been plummeted off the cbs set. We don't know what happened to this guy. Wh-why invaded pitch or a set. Please people come on respect personal and private space but like i'm dempsey watched this dude go over an edge. We don't know what on the other side of that edge clean. I play by the white capcom as usual common. Big moments I've forgotten until five minutes before we start recording this that arapahoe and gregg berhalter physically got not answered altercation but arouse coming off the fields running after ball greg together to play it back quickly and around whole pushes him which would have been the biggest moment. If you remember it happened with pepin ranaldo one time and it's all anyone talks about for three weeks and i forgot it happens because so much else went on after it. Berhalter berhalter is so active on the sideline. Eli me involved trying to get ball and get it to his players. Quick for quick throw ins can play case sneakers. You gotta be careful. there's another. there's another pair coming from from the manufacturer. Clint dempsey alone was like you know with the sunglasses and all that he's jacket attache. There was a lot to look up before we get into sort of the nitty gritty. You do have to say like throwing things on. The field is never acceptable period. I know that. I assume that the people that are listening to the show right now. Understand that we've talked about it before So yeah there's that and then you also saw the the protocol in this one latest. Well kopf the mexican federation. A lot of folks trying to eliminate This champ we know particularly in this month and look every single day of the year that it's it's just not something that should be happening anymore. And i hope they find a way to end it but I don't know that we have any power. Over that are that are words will make particularly A big difference there so that must be said but the entertainment factor in this game on the field very high scuffles per ninety out of expected scuffles and even higher level. I mean it was all of it really delivered but in the end it was christian. Pulisic the had this moment and this photo. And i wanna shout out and i think we should shout out and say his name as often as possible because this is really art. Christian marchena is a photographer. The took the photo. You're seeing going around and we talked about it a lot last night Put this thing in the move. The matt wherever it is. Give me a print for the wall behind me. It's pulisic shushing. it's tim wailua is gio raina with like the classic Like what you mad about. Phase it's darrell..

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