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R t line at four two in seven vanessa shuttle a time square and the 1213 train police were called to a reported explosion responding units found injured 27yearold male we've identified him as i k ed la a k y e d u l l a h he had granted wounds to his body preliminary investigation at the scene indicates this mail was wearing an improvised motech explosive device attached to his body the intentionally detonated that device looks like there are three other people in the immediate perry also sustained minor injuries but died dan reicher is going to talk about that the subject was placed in custody and transported to bellevue hospital okay so grand total of four people hurt the most serious injuries among those four people to the bomber himself ocoee at ola the other three people not seriously hurt as we heard from commissioner o'neill let's brand of yours allah stockton rossini now she is there at the port authority alice we got you with us anat by you hurt they've police commissioner say they believe he intentionally detonated this bomb that was you know they described it as a suicide bomber fast but they also say that it was put together with cell crowe and lift ties velcro and if tai road and so it was a very uh you know amateur bomb an amateur pipe bombs that exploded in this passageway between seventh and eighth avenue now this investigation is still underway there's a lot of questions that was made on answer but generals feeling after this conference jeff is that you know we dodged a bullet your it could have been a lot worse and they've been massively worse so if if you see something base something and the three people the other three people that were injured uh suffer ringing in their ears than they were able to get out of the tunnel by themselves and they they took themselves to the hospital and so you know this this could have been a lot worse they have not confirmed where this guy was from we have reports earlier that he was from brooklyn and that's screamed something about isis before this thing went off though uh they're not confirming that at this point but this investigation.

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