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Oh, I just wanted to know about how come Jack del Rio doesn't have any opportunity for any these jobs. He's a good coach he took the raiders to the playoffs and they lost car before they got there. I thought he did a decent job thing is our our our great Cup winning team is being dismantled in the NFL. And I was wondering if fully by Mitchell is gonna play for the giants. He's been in the Greek Cup three years in a row, they need something to an and Kevin. Thanks a lot for the call. Appreciate the real point. I don't think he's gonna get a third opportunity for Jack. I don't he coached the Jaguars. I like I've always liked the real as a player. I loved him. Very good player that went to Oakland who was his families team growing up. And I just don't know. I think del Rio's stays coach in the NFL probably fund schnitzel being a head coach the Cal. I mean, the CFL look great crop who. I don't know. I these same great Cup this Kuala about the NFL. I was just a little bit is talking about players on on the Calgary stampede correct? The go into the NFL right is getting dismantled threat. So interesting. I thought about oh. So he was talking about a Bo Levi Mitchell. Okay. Believe I'm back for Calgary. Interesting. Yeah. And now they're not gonna they're not. They're not gonna be bringing in to resurrect the giants from sorry. Yeah. I don't think. So now twain Haskins small how state that's a possibility. To the collar very sock. And now as well as great reporting. He's going to enter the NFL draft. But up next we'll get into..

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