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No. No, no, no. She's long gone yet. No, I'm not. I'm not quite sure which is doing hopefully, she's doing good good. My my lovely lady. Miss Kaelin coal is is actually over. There. Filming me writing really Kelsey has been caught own say hi Sweety own on a second. Let's make sure that she's on camera right here for catching Kelsey. So she. I'm glad I was actually yelling her the entire time. Yesterday's you're all that's definitely not the case. Let's definitely not the case. Okay. Everybody there. She is right here right there on the rich Eisen show. Okay. So you have been officially caught. Yes. Okay. No, no, no ring or anything like that. But well, okay. I enjoy her. Okay. She joys me. And we live and we live here. Cheers. Cheers. Travis calcining. What's what's what's your lovely girlfriend's name Caleb? I am killing Michael. Okay. Very good, man. Oh Instagram is that how you guys met. Yes. It is. Instagram, Instagram, business, pleasure. You name it. Okay. The got it on their man. Post pictures of food in the backs of the heads of my children because I don't want anybody to see their faces got everything and the rich Eisen show you and I use Instagram differently. I mean, again different people what is Patrick Mahomes, his nickname in the locker room because everybody's like calling them Showtime you to call them Showtime. Right. I didn't call them Showtime till everyone else brought to to light. And he said, I think is father had been calling him Showtime. Right. Make sense, but the school I called a paddock until his entire body. Baker's, man. Okay. Bake me cake fast, as you k- know, look the cake. Roland it handed. Do you like it has that does he like it? No. You keep because he's his pops actually told me that he just like to just like, Patty cake. You know, he's come home with the Patty cakes, right? Did you know what I've been trying to call him? I told I told him this, and he has politely refused. The patch will. It's not it's not bad. Now, you're not just giving that just as a friendly know thought, it was going to be something way worse. Like, I don't know. I asked for more clever than your the patron, and he text because I would texting text buddies in the same vein, Bella check, or you know, so I texted him. Hey, how about the patch was a hot don't think like that one? I tried again when he called into the show, and he totally politely shined. It off a very nice guy. But what do you say you give just next time? You see him Pattro petrol and see how it looked in. You text me how he took will without about that Patty cakes. Good. Good to see you Travis Kelsey who do you think wins? This look. I think it will end up being a coin flip and the New England Patriots win. Figurative coin flip or will there? Be overtime coin flip. Call your shot right away team. I don't even think the nature of the away team. I mean, they going to call a heads or tails, are you are you guess they're gonna call heads. Yes. Going to be heads. Tom. Brady's gonna take about four minutes to go down field. They're gonna get what an what an interesting. Like what an interestingly detailed. Okay, Travis Kelsey here on the rich Eisen show. You can follow him on Twitter at t Kelsey or on Instagram Killa trav-, but do not slide into any DM's because that Kelsey is already been cautioned. No, that's correct right here on the rich, Joe round of applause for. All right. In sports trade can make or break your team, a good one can mean a championship, but bad one can set your franchise back.

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