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To make up any missed structured learning time police and framing hammer on the lookout for a bear spotted roaming neighborhoods early this morning Video of the Bear shows its strolling through neighborhoods, including on Spruce Street, Eleanor Road and Night Road. Isabel from Anita's Neighbors shot video of the berry unusual visitor and sense it around to others in the area once the video got to there are other neighbor. His wife said that he was the first thing he did was check on his chickens. And then he wanted to go outside and go Look for the bare. Not even a bear. Sighting, however, could keep Isabel from going on her morning run. And as I was like, heading down the road, the Framingham police officer came up and I just wanted to give me a friendly warning that there was a bear in the neighborhood and to be safe. But, alas, the bear is nowhere to be found, which maybe is a good thing for everyone in framing him. James RoHaas WBZ Boston's news radio before all three traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes is certainly traffic to be found. Mike, It's all over the place. Yeah, you're right about that, Ben. We've got delays out of the city here. The expressway South found is crawling out of the Tunnel down to South Bay Furnace Brook Parkway to the split as well. I've got a least 25 minutes top to bottom. Now North bound. You're on the brakes shortly after a furnace Brook Parkway. A passing upon sits circle are pretty slow coming up towards that, Donald to Route three Southeast. I'm stopping go coming off the expressway, but it's not too bad After that. We've got delays on that lower end of 1 28 south bound Route nine or a little before Route nine. Down into Westwood on day 24 South bound some stop and go. Of course coming down from 93. Up to the north. Now, let's check out the well. Let's go up to the WBC news radio traffic copter. Things are a little slow on room one at the moment of the north outside getting by Reed 60 and revere up near the cinema's. After that, you'd get quite a bit of room to roam heading up through Saugus in the Lynnfield Tunnel. We had earlier work crews on the south down side of Route one and Danvers before you get to a local streets after center Street, Danvers, those Have wrapped up for the afternoon. I'm Kristen AC. In the WBC news, radio traffic cop 1 28 North bound, slow going route 38 of past 93 a little stop and go up in Peabody stretches well. Thea parental 4 90 five's Okay and the Mass. Pike's looking good as well. Downtown boy tough coming in the lower deck of 90 three's back near Assembly Square. The Tobin Bridge. Outbound is backed up at the bottom is well, my king WBC's traffic on the three we're gonna have some clouds building in as we head through the evening Tonight. Showers, though, should hold off until much later this evening, so a pretty decent and dry Early part of the evening..

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