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What a guy yup what a guy all well one right only one so gene kelly dot com while the app center it's up now so people can go up and and kengo's please subscribed because then you'll get all the notices for all of these events and there are many there's some that i i haven't told you about yet we have a brand new thing coming down the pike that i may then come back and talk about that when we can release that okay wonderful and where to end and people can follow you wear gene kelly the legacy on facebook and then gene kelly dot com would be and then gene kelly the legacy on the legacy on twitter is on their too but shook if you start with gene kelly dot com on facebook that will send you at all and that should be up and running soon if i would get back to my dusk of slave away the old there's no nokia will i was i was on today for uh they are they're doing a special thing in new york called one film new york it's a competition to choose the film that best represents new york city while and our dear hugh jackman in his wife duboley um they put up for nomination on the town with house the love letter to the city and everett shows ever i think it's a perfect edwards so i was i was sending off photographs of gene from on the town these wonderful have these behind the scene shots in the archives of them upon title of behind the stage show well i'll be posted in some of those i it is one of my favorite musicals i love i love that show i love everything i love the film or i think it's a perfect one and what i was explaining to them today was the the influence stated influenced by many members of the nouveau wagner the new wave filmmakers cited as a great inspiration for them and.

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