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You know here and there i do a beauty conference of all have done a longstanding number i started buzzfeed speedy coverage i have always felt really confident in lake putting on makeup because they know what it's like to fill in the blanks and that's all that i'm doing when i put on makeup i just wanna know what i look like to some extent i mean these are all incredible details i this is this is the moment where i want to repeat back like i want to live inside your brain for that moment i read so i read that well i mean i'll send you a send you the essay it's uh it goes into a lot of things i mean let me pull it up it's it's it's all written it's called of course how do i look dog but it's about also like it's about other famous pasifik news acts like chuck close the visual artists to draw faces an photographs of in order to see them um jane goodall as one and she always says here's her thing about it she says which is the thing that i adopted when i read her i've read her sar memoir something she said i usually make up for it by pretending directing as everybody and then if they say but we haven't met before i say will you look just like somebody i know you have to do something but there's nothing you can do about it you have to do something but there's nothing you can do about it is is the way that's that's it so you just try to be polite because it's not on other people that like you can't see their face you just have to make them feel okay or a lake suit every every place every face that aziz blank every everything is under his new yes well no it's all its it dishes not which is cool because them just everyone's hot but.

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