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Grace. Grace gonna do the football scores as well football team. Thirty giants twenty nine. Wow that was pretty cool. Trash budget me. Neither but i guess we're blowing it all. 'cause you're on your way out the door all my favorite is when you put the games in and you don't put anything for the ones that are the first one so i don't think i walked thursday night. The first weeks of football. I need to be reminded that it's thursday funny enough. This is how. Dan and i started dating weird thing to realize but i posted on my instagram stories. A thing i do when. I'm single because i'm lonely. I posted on my instagram stories. That i realized too late that it was thursday during the third week of the season and dan replied and said i didn't know it was thursday till i saw this story and then a whoops sparks flew and then we dated now here. We are and so for that reason. I have no opinion on the giants. And i think that was a good game. Also though for that reason it's okay to get the days confused because guess what nigga find a boyfriend girlfriend love in such a hopeless place. Wasn't that a crazy game. Though the giants like blow it in some way shape. Let's go fast. Okay oh great. Please stay with the podcast. Please don't leave. Promised we have interesting. And insightful thanks to bears twenty bengals seventeen. Wow she's good at that she should be. She's like a female steven. I don't know if we can bow my god. Can you imagine stephen. A smith and nancy grace debating about sports. Give me that show yesterday. Somebody teach nancy grace about sports. So that stephen. A. and nancy grace kansas. Go head to head what i was going say. Let's make it happen. Okay wow travis. If you could just pretend to want to be here. I know you hartson nashville but if you could just stay. I'm here just physically. Mentally feel business suggested fields had to come in and he struggled a little bit They came out on top. He he went six for thirteen for sixty yards yet. Interception a fumble. But he's able to get it back. This is just based on no data but it did feel like yesterday was like historically high in turnovers. It seemed like every other minute. There is an interception or fall. I said if you played a drinking game called injuries and interceptions every time one of those to happen you had been hammered by wild with interceptions and all the flags on Taunting which we'll talk about. But it's like just feels struggle but then there was joe who Before his first interception he had gone one hundred nine pass attempts reception his three passes in a row. He threw an interception three s. I know we're going to get there. But zac wilson roof. Oh yeah well he. I promise i promise there. A the bears don't think it's a series Andrew they refer their fear. acl but though update as of taping this podcast Isn't there also Nagy said that he's not willing to speculate as to who is going to be the starting quarterback moving forward. I think that's surprise me at all. This fear for him to say though right like you at one quebec hurt the rookies kind of you know this was a bad game. He had didn't have a terrible game but he didn't have his he said. I don't think i'm pleased with how i played at all. I think there's a lot more in me that i have to show. That's gonna come with time. I know it's not gonna happen overnight. So i'm just gonna keep grinding. No matter what happens. I know meant for this meant to be here. My path has been crazy when i was younger. I never thought i'd be here in this position. I'm here for a reason. And i definitely think i can play better. I just think this is the beginning. I'm definitely excited for the future in excited to get back to practice on monday. Tuesday i get that. That is exactly what i wanna hear. I don't wanna hear like. I'm the absolute greatest i did find. It was everybody else's fault. I don't wanna hear like it's not a big deal. It's like i don't how i played. We won it's fine. I don't like how i played. And i and i wanna Keep getting better. It's the beginning. I'm supposed to be here that somebody who's comfortable and i like. I'm a little worried though that he's not gonna practice. He didn't say anything about wednesday and thursday and friday. That does that. I was supposed to be the takeaway that you only listed two days. He's only showing up to practice monday and tuesday. He's gonna go trick with carl on wednesday. Oh yes yes. That's what he's doing on wednesday dollar beers. Was that the night that carl called was a wednesday college was different man college. We just came up with if you could find a word that rhymed or that started with the same letter. You could party on that day if it's acceptable day. Oh it's it's it's tequila tuesday. it's Wow i can. I think i think of a single word with 'em that through miller lite monday mostly allow this possibility morita monday on monday. No way as a bartender. No there's no way you're going to and there's no college kegs monday. Whoa what did we walk into here. What's this all right all right. So the bears one nancy. Said and dalton. We don't know we'll let you know field is going to figure it out. Yeah but i like. I know matt nagy gotten a lot of crap the sheeran pastures with good. He shouldn't have named a starter yesterday. You just had a game. You're one quarterback's hurt like figure out how monday and tuesday practice goes. The browns scored thirty one and the texas pull. The texan scored twenty one no info on the game because travis listed nothing yet. She went off the she went editorial with that she made it into a centre. I liked it. I didn't not like it. Always put top like there's some games are just not what i deem some. Yeah this doesn't care about and this is one of them so is an excellent and the one of the browns game. Assad chubb scored touchdown those good. Oh you know what i saw on this nope katie..

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