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Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa discussed on Tips for Travellers Podcast


These these tapes for travellers inspiration advice and tips on finding and having amazing travel experiences on both lambs and the the debt mounted must see and must do travel tips would travel is dot com hi garbage welcome to another episode of tips for travel today we're heading to the wonderful wonderful continent of africa and specific he tanzania and this podcast i'm gonna be focusing on a safari and eleven things you need to know about and how to prepare for going on a safari specifically in tanzania but this will apply to any safari ugo on you know heading to tanzania on safari has to be one of my all time favorite travel experiences i've done lots of travel but definitely going to tanzania was you know one of the absolute best things have ever done a beyond safaris in south africa zimbabwe zambia but this was more magical was morning throwing i saw more animals than i could possibly imagine i would it exceeded all my expectations now as she travelled there on a nine night safari i went with a company called tightened travel and this afars called wild plains of tanzania answer based on that trip i'm going to share and based on previous safaris if you not i'm going to shed different tips in advice on how to prepare for and get the most of a safari suffist full let's talk about the best time to go and this is specifically related to tanzania but it does apply to other countries like south africa was in bob we now most of the year is fairly suitable but they're awesome critical key times that if you're going on safari you should you going to better experience and see animals much easier now experts for safaris recommend the best time to go on a safaris in the dry season now in sort of southern africa that runs from june two october at the reason going the dry season is the best time is because animals eased fined because they have to seek out water holes and rivers so they can obeys the congregate much more so it's easy to find them also this machlas vegetative for analyst to hide and says will so easy to find animals also very importantly this less mosquitoes at this time of the is because there's not much rain is nazel lots of little pools where mosquito.

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Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa discussed on Tips for Travellers Podcast

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