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They do it so that they're not relying on anyone factor. He certainly didn't address faulty testing. He didn't address the cold. You know, the non covert or the covert like indicators essentially said that it was based on some guidance from the White House, and you know other experts from around the country, But I still don't have a real clear indication. I don't think anyone does. As to whether you know were interpreting this public health advisory system in a way now that we have a lot of red and we'll have a lot of high incidents, But is that really the product of The spread of the virus, or is it a system that supersensitive based on whatever and didn't get an answer? Did he indicate I saw somebody tweet out or something that said he will not say I'm not shutting down again. I mean, did you catch Any of that. Were you your feelings on that If you heard any of that, Yes, that goes back to last week. He flipped and flopped last week, and then someone tried to pin him down today. Another one another person in the press corps. And what I heard was to go back and look at the notes was. Look, We don't want to shut things down. That would be devastating. But I can't as governor stand before you and say that I would never do it again. But then later on the press conference, he reiterated, You know that's devastating. We don't want to do that. So I get the sense that that's not the direction that he wants to go. Jack. Good to talk to you again. Brother wanted to ask you. I believe it was The Cincinnati Inquirer asked about winning. You're going to revisit. You know you've been talking about looking at the 10. PM last call cut off. And the answer he gave, he said. We'll be talking about it more next week, but he said, I know they're hurting and I want to find ways to help them. I want if I want to work with the Legislature toe Is it to help them financially? I think you said he was going to set up a pie stand outside some of the sell Some of France pies right, so, but the what's the way to help him the way with the way he talked, Jack, did you get the impression That, like no way in no way in heaven or hell is he going toe Allow bars or restaurants to serve past 10 or stay open past 11? Because we gotta, you know, reduce the spread. Instead, he's gonna work with some Both funneling either taxpayer dollars or come up with some money to give these places it didn't sound like he was going to let it go through the free market. Capitalist way of Hey, stay open. Sell your product make money. You know, that was the feeling that was a feeling I got in my gut, too. It's why wouldn't you just say Look, We're not tying a lot of data back to this. So we're gonna go ahead and let him open back up and stay open later. And so the you know, political speak that you heard. I heard as well and it does sound that's going to be the case. We'll see how it shakes out. I mean, my gosh, What a massive part of our economy and and they are suffering, suffering, suffering suffering, so we'll see. You know, he said last week, he would take a look at it, and we talked about it this week. He's kicking the can down the road another week, But I do expect to hear something probably Not Thursday, next week. Yeah, well, and I'm not surprised When you talk about kicking the can down the road. He's done nothing but that since you know, may or June when people started realizing Well, wait a minute. You're moving the goal posts, and we did what you've asked. And now you got something else We're asking, and then he now is indicating that this is going to go on and on. Until next summer. At this point before the vaccine, or whatever. What is the feeling in the press corps there, man and we're up against it as they say We got about a minute left. But what is anybody in there going, man? This is getting really fatiguing. No, I actually hear a lot more fear. What? I'm hearing a lot of my gosh, Why are we not getting more strict with our regulations? If this is really going to search, but I gotta tell you, my heart beat on it and I'll try to be quick. I asked the question back in May about partners in health partners in health is that social Justice organization that gave the OD H and our local health departments guidance. On this testing, tracing, quarantining deal and their whole heartbeat is they want to deconstruct capitalism and they can't stand the fundamentals Americans Americans built on Well, these are the folks that are building the policies and look where we're at. Our education system is completely restructured right now, and our businesses are dying. So whether the governor is a lying philosophically with leaders of that organization. That's what's here in Ohio now, and it's frightening. And I just to me. It feels like we're getting you know, the screws tightened every day for sure. Hardest working investigative reporter in the business. No question. Jack Windsor with wftv TV and managing editor for the Ohio Star, As always, brother..

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