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This is Houston matters. I'm Craig Cohen. We're talking with Harris County Judge Lena Hidalgo fielding your questions. We go next to Mary and Cyprus Mary. What's your question? Do not here Mary. Let's try Adriana in Kingwood Adriana. What's your question for the judge? Won't good Montigny size? Let me tell you the feed that we are so lucky to stop you. judge valuable shown. Proudly County in this situation. Going my question I. Thought did not be. they have a loan that it means we signed the type the by We'd be getting the bank. That's have there they they in April. They said that that banks send me duty, title and. Then for us, you seem possible to go. Today! I'm old tax collector to change the title. He's from east. Impossible is closed. You go to the website and you cannot do it. You go through the phone, and they give you down and give you a different number. You call the number. I'm telling you. That is not the right time I. don't we don't know what to do week. Another a decision. We can these type of one name and I don't know. What do we go all the? I'll let like I call channels. You know that investigate asking the same question A. Subsidy that I don't know what do thank you. All right judges similar to question earlier. What do you do if you've got something? You need to update like a title for an RV or any other kind of vehicle, and you just can't get it done. Yeah and you know where our tax office should be open and available for those kinds of things I would advise. Eat Aligned mind with this case as well. If there's a way to collect her information, we can have our team. Follow up and make sure that she can address it in also circle back with the tax office and see if there's something going on, but certainly there should be ways for folks to if you can't do something as you normally would in person, there should be an alternative, so we'll check on that and thank you for your support. Okay, so again Adriana stay on the line, and our producer will take down your your contact information and we'll. We'll connect you up with the county. Let's go to Claudia in Willowbrook Claudia. What's your question? High I, I want to spank. Dog from the bottom of my heart. For taking some sensible accent, it was. My daughter is a doctor. Texas children's my son in law's E. R..

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