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George Floyd, Moore, Officer discussed on KNX Evening News


Much as it is those officers more knowledge it was a strong statement minutes later he said he misspoke when he appointed the looting to the killing of George Floyd but certainly there are actions do not serve the enormity of his loss and cannot be in his memory Moore says the actions of the officer seen in the video or entirely inconsistent with the police profession and what officers try to do click to get this guitar KNX ten seventy newsradio seven his daughter of feral street was higher finding reason to look past the risks of on rest here at home and tensions with China and focus on economic recovery the Dow climbed ninety two points point three percent the S. and P. added close to point four percent while the nasdaq rose two thirds of a percent one bit of economic news the trader sees don the institute for supply management reported the nation's factories picked up the pace of manufacturing in may the first pick up in four months the civil unrest news has people stocking up on protest gear market place Paul says that Amazon shoppers are buying pepper spray and neck gaiters which cover the nose and mouth Gilead sciences fell more than three percent after a large scale human trial of its corona virus drug ram disappeared.

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