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Especially if you are waiting for marriage just gets harder and harder the closer you get to your wedding to not have sex. If that's what you're trying to do so the longer of engagement that you have the more difficult that is I think. If you know that you're gonNA marry someone of the quicker. The better the shorter the engagement. The better it's my personal opinion on that the Bible designed you know specifically say how long your engagement have to be but I would save if your priority is sexual purity. Then you should just try to get married as long as you know you know. That's the person that you want to marry is it wrong is an interesting interesting question. Is it wrong to pray. That the Lord Steer Man's heart to like me or is that weird. Well I know what you're saying and I understand that feeling so much I'm not. I can't say it's necessarily sin to ask to change. Someone's I would but what I would do is I would evaluate your own heart art and I would ask yourself. Why are you idolizing? This person that you believe I'm guessing you believe is your source of happiness or your source of intimidate in satisfaction of this person does not want you. And you find yourself fixated on them then. That is probably an issue. That's going on in your own heart. His heart that you need to bring to the Lord my recommendation would be to pray that God satisfies you with with himself that he gives you wisdom and discernment that he gives you the strength to be able to prioritize him above anyone else and that you would work and this is hard and I say this as someone who has been there like. We've all been that person who has been in the situation of unrequited love where you want someone to like you or I want you. Who Does it so I get it? The best thing that you can do in that situation is to not fixate on them to not obsess over them into not wonder what they're doing not constantly check their instagram stories or see. If they've looked at yours I would. I would recommend that you not do those things and that you focus not on what's going on in their heart but what's going on in your heart. Why do you feel like this person is your source of happiness? Why do you feel like this person is the source of your satisfaction? And and why are you spending all your time on someone who doesn't right now. Does it want you if that person is the one for you. I promise a sovereign God is not going to is not going to change or waiver based on whether or not you pray for that person. It's hard to be changed. God is in control. You can trust. Not He works all things together for the good of those who love him. That does not mean that we get everything that we think that we want. That means that all things work together for his glory in our ultimate make good. That is the privilege in the freedom that we have is Christians. What do you think about Christians doing yoga so I really want to do a whole episode? This is my last question. Oh by the way I really want to do a whole episode on this. Because I'll be honest with you. It's not something I ever thought about. I never thought about whether are not as biblical to do yoga. I mean I did yoga when I was pregnant. I never thought about it and then I started getting messages and emails comments asking asking me why I think it's okay to do yoga and so it's something that I've been thinking about something that I've been reading about and studying and I don't want to give away too much of my answer before I am finished looking through all this stuff but gosh there's so many things I've been wrong on in the past and so I am not afraid to say whenever this episode does come out if this is the case that I was totally wrong on it. I understand the concerns because it's part of this new age phenomenon nominee that's going on with crystals and healing in healing altars and basically self worship. It's total idolatry and yoga is part of this kind of eastern mysticism thing. We talked about it a little bit. We talked about India Graham that India Graham is a part of that as well. I didn't episode titled Title Personality Tests. You can go back and listen to that from a few weeks ago and so I totally see how. Yoga is a part of that whole system. Now now it's a little bit difficult for me. It seems a little absurd to say that yoga is not okay but pilates is okay because when it comes down to it yes you can say the whole thing about yoga meditation and all of that is is is wrong and something. That Christians shouldn't do not that meditation. In general or meditating on God's word obviously that's good but all the stuff that comes with the healing magic power that in herself that she all of that comes with Yoga. I definitely see how that is this kind of weird mystical thing. But it's hard for me to see how just like the physical positions editions of doing. Yoga is any different than doing pilates. Just because it's called Yoga. Does that make sense. Like doesn't it seem a little little bit legalistic and I'm not one to use that term very often because people applied legalistic ted. Too many things but doesn't seem a little bit realistic to say okay. I can get in a lunch but I can't call it warrior. One seems a little weird so like I said I'm thinking through it. I want to come at this from a AH biblical perspective. That doesn't just attach. I'm not just trying to attach myself to either side is saying I'm really trying to be thoughtful about it to be nuanced if you will. It's in other words that I hate anyway. That's all I have time for love. You guys happy Friday. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. I will be back here on Monday to talk about animals yeah..

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