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Get into the NYPD piece of it, and you know the reasons behind your no vote along with several other. Council members who sort of from from similar perspective voted no on the budget, the broader strokes of the of the fiscal impact this budget in fiscal picture. What do you make of the deal? That was struck here? you know I think it's worth. It is absolutely worth stepping back. You know, and and it's hard to you know the before times before the Cova crisis are so hard for like all of us to remember you know. The city was really sailing along, and you could debate. How do we put enough in reserves where we doing enough to get our capital projects in order? Well, you know was the balanced right there. Obviously programs like thrive that you needed to be rebooted, but. You know all of that has changed so dramatically. The economic crisis in the wake of Cova it opens up this nine billion dollar revenue shortfall is devastating and that whatever your position on defunding the NYPD, whatever your position on short term long term borrowing or the capital programmer the basements program. It's devastating devastating. We've got you know. Millions of New Yorkers who are getting emergency food because they don't have enough resources to put food on the table. There's unemployment insurance coming from Washington, but it doesn't go to immigrant families. It might just be about to run out so. It's July first. Who can't pay the rent this month and you know again you can have a political debate about. Should it be cancel rent or should it be Washington provides red released, but that doesn't help you know all those tenants this month. Who can't pay the rent so like that is devastating and I don't think we're sitting in it enough. It's such a fast moving time, and it's like a trauma. It's like like when you first get hit you you sometimes of still too stunned to see how badly damaged you are, and I think we're in a little bit of space suspended animation right now, but devastating things are are happening, and of course that hits the city. In all the ways because we wanna be able to be doing more. and we don't have the resources to do it, and so in fact, we have to cut when we want to increase and like. That's the big picture on this budget. It's devastating because even though there was some good restorations, that council was able to make it cuts. billions of dollars from from things we need from you know resources in our schools to emergency food. Two Summer Youth Programs to Capitol for affordable housing to our parks, and on and on and on ultimately the cuts were fairly modest, because the city's dipping in a significant way to reserves..

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