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Was on. Hulu or fx. Hulu extra now kind of the same thing. That's very confusing. But it's this weird sort of black mirror ask anti technology the bleak look technology Show that's the Alex Garland who directed also wrote and directed Ex Machina or Makia. So it's a it's it's it's it was interesting. It was not as smart as it thought it was. The actress who had played the lead is not very good. I've never seen anything else. So had those against it. But there's definitely a fascinating if you're huge nick offerman fan huge Ron. Swanson Fan was very weird to see him in this. This kind of role and Yeah so that's what I watched last night and today I watched Molly's game and then I caught up a loss so I've actually. I started watching along the same lines. John I started watching dispatch dispatches from elsewhere on AMC which is created and starring. Jason Segel of how your mother fame which is sort of like a Magic World Hidden in plain sight. Kind of show Which is I thought. I've watched the first couple and they are very very well done. Yeah he's a weird dude I I you know. I think he everybody thought he was. Just this sort of like Judd. Appetito repertory player sort a guy Comedian but I think he's actually very off be in very artistic and I watched that.

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