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Want to go down. So choose your own adventure. As you mag bogor, very interested in her. Kennedy Carter. Fascinating intriguing player and intriguing situation. And Tiffany Hayes, those would be the last three on my list I haven't gone to, which one do we want to go down to the path with? All right. I have, as you may borrow on my face, a team. So I'm going to choose her as my adventure. Okay, let's do it because speaking of people on the scale up, people that need to step up for this team's ultimate goal. Seattle is ultimate goal is to win a championship. Their brand steward and they need to make her happy this year because she's Russell is out right now too. That's the big thing. So the Mercedes Russell is out for three to 5 weeks with a mysterious injury that we have not I don't think we've gotten any clarification. A non basketball injury is all about seeing. Well, you know, I suffer non basketball injuries getting out of the bed. So I really know what the hell that means. But with, I don't know if she can scale up her offensive production. I don't know what she needs to do offensively, really, to be able to do Mercedes does. I think she's developed nicely, hasn't really taken that a huge step, but she's like 22, 23 now. She's very young still. Super young. So I think the defense has been there, but she needs to get better on that side. She needs to scale up her offense. And she needs to be able to fit with the players around her, namely Brianna Stewart. And figure out exactly what to do to support stewie and make sure that, I mean, I hope she got a little bit bigger. You know, I hope you got a little bit stronger 'cause she was a little thin coming into the league. And I think she's a little thin last year. So she can get stronger, maybe she can turn into Natasha Howard, in a way, in a way. I'm not sure if she's gonna be that good, but if she can turn into that player that can be kind of a depot esque player on all defense candidate. While also providing enough offense to keep the team afloat, well then here we have a championship contender. I think we have a championship contender. That's why I'm intrigued by Eddie because I need her to be that good in order for this team to be where I think they're going to be. Yeah, that's interesting because there are those players in the league who just make a career out of being really good in not a lot of minutes. Right. And as soon as they are asked to take on a bigger role, whether it's just.

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