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Shot and Ilan from Toronto. Welcome back to sound opinions I'm great cat, he's Jim. Dear Goddess, and that's a little bit of murder, most foul, the first single released from Bob Dylan's new album, rough and rowdy ways. The thirty ninth studio album from the ours, too, is now seventy nine years old. Bob Dylan needs little introduction I would imagine his first album of original songs since two thousand twelve album tempests. tempests it was a kind of a major event for Dylan allergists. We've gotten a series of great American songbook albums in recent years from Dylan, and now he is shifting back to originals for the first time in eight years, which is bring joy to the hearts of many fans of this artist. Kia debuted the album out of nowhere this seventeen minutes single murder most foul appears. Appears. Some people are short handing. It is the JFK song at extensively begins with the murder of John. F. Kennedy in nineteen sixty three memorialize that event, but then spirals off into new territory that Jim and I are going to talk about here in a second, this new album was recorded with Dylan's touring band and self produced by Dylan, as has been his pattern throughout his. His, twenty first century recordings, he's got a couple of guests on here including Fiona. Apple they are credited, but we don't exactly know what instruments they're playing or vocals are singing. It's a Bob. Dylan album in any case, here's a track from the new album. We're going to talk about it in the second Bob Dylan with rough and rowdy ways. Here's Goodbye Jimmy Reed Unsound Opinions. GE's. Name. Live in Chechnya's. Didn't use. His. Tell them. From A. ME. At all time. Just. That is. Our. Talent and Though? Stating while. In Canada! Good! Godspeed. Battle. Claim. Goodbye Jimmy.

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