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Time by lexus of lexington. This is a story of one of the ones. Living legends of the american turf who unhappily to relate outlived his legendary status into an ever lengthening twilight of economic hardship and poor health. And who at the age of sixty nine in jacksonville oregon nursing home met the grim reaper. After a prolonged illness on august sixteenth thousand nine hundred sixty eight for many years had been hanger on new york race tracks waiting for that one more chance which never came dreaming of the glory of the nineteen twenties when he was quite literally the toast of broadway in that golden age of sport. He was to thoroughbred racing. What babe ruth was to baseball. Bobby jones to golf bill. Tilden to tennis. Red grange to football. Jack dempsey the boxing and johnny weissmuller to swimming. Each was assembled in the berea. Penta me of their particular sport their names house whole words he. I saw the light of day. That our man of the day so to speak in groton south dakota in november thirteenth eighteen ninety eight of norwegian ancestry and he grew up on a ranch in american falls idaho where he took the riding horses as naturally as the proverbial duct takes to water. He wrote his first official race on january twenty fifth nineteen eighteen and won the first of nine hundred and sixty eight wins and over. Thirty six hundred mounts were nearly three million dollars an enormous amount and that day and age. His lifetime winning percentage was twenty six percent remarkable in one thousand nine hundred nineteen. His contract was purchased commander. J k l ross. Or who's canadian-based stable he wrote such stars milkmaid. Billy kelly and sir barton. He later wrote for harry. Sinclair's rang coca stable in it was in the success of this stable that has star shot across the heavens of or racing with meteoric rapidity. He led the jockey with money. Won in nine twenty one year. He won the belmont aboard grey lag and nineteen twenty-three year he won the derby and belmont with a leg up on john e madden's zev his one thousand nine hundred twenty three records of thirty-nine stakes wins nearly five hundred and seventy thousand dollars in purses were to stand as writing records for more than twenty years. He had a nasty spill at saratoga. Nineteen twenty four and a gallstone operation as well. Sidelining him for some eight months. He had trouble getting mounts on his return to the saddle but to get them out on flying ebony the derby he did and he won in the slop on that one at churchill that same year he won the belmont while aboard mad. Play in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. He won the belmont on chance shot for owner. Joseph widener president of belmont park it was largely under weidner's aegis that he was restored to good standing and march of nineteen twenty eight after he had been suspended and banned from all tracks in the fall of nineteen twenty seven or his right on butto in the pimlico maturity in spite of that suspension. He was a leading money winning. Writer of nineteen twenty seven after. Reinstatement he had the stomach and weight problems and he subsequently hung up tack as it were a race and train horses. He encountered financial difficulty in that venture and ultimately bowed to creditors by dispersing his stable in one thousand nine hundred twenty nine. He came out of retirement to ride for william woodward senior in one thousand nine hundred thirty that year. He was aboard gallant. Fox who chalked up a triple crown. That year's win the belmont was his fifth in that event. Both rider and horse retired in nineteen thirty-one. Our man came out of retirement for a second time to ride in one thousand nine hundred thirty two chalking up thirteen wins and then final retirement and the beginning of a long road to ed jet obscurity. He refused all offers to ride in europe and had a brief fling as sean turner at the star club in new york plus a stint and radio and as a movie producer. None of those would success in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight one back in the game. As a trainer he saddled stagehand for wins in both the santa anita derby on the santa anita handicap. He was that season's leading money winning trainer in one thousand nine hundred forty four. He turned to breeding but that proved to be a disastrous venture. He wants said quote money and me are incompatible in nineteen fifty three at the age of fifty five. He got himself down to writing weight and had ten months and one one of those that victory to phenomenal acclaimed. My my dad. Was that the old jamaica racetrack on long island october fourteenth nineteen fifty-three the effort to make weight had taken its toll from then on until he left new york for oregon he lived in donated room over a long island restaurant eating with friends who relived his past glories the story of this paragon of saddle smith's replete with ecstasies and agonies. Its apogee season parodies. It's in it's nadir's of human accomplishment and endeavor as reaching out for that one final straw recognition is indeed most sad commentary. It does not detract one single scintilla from the composite accomplishment of this man accomplishment switch stamped him indelibly in giant letters. On the pages of racing lor are subject of this dissertation was immortalized through the pen of damon. Runyon in the nineteen twenties. Runyon often watching him ride pendant. Owed and testimony to this man entitled a guy named sandy. He was earl. Sandy.

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