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Company affiliates and other insurance discount not available in, all states or situations time five forty three are you thinking of, moving Aban a brand new AAA study, says twenty five percent of Michigan resonance twenty-five. Percent plan to move within the next year and most of those with moving on their minds are, planning at their move for spring and summer now do most of the people who are moving plan to. Stay in Michigan forty five percent say yet they're staying in Michigan thirty percents, say they're actually staying in the same. City Twenty percent say they're definitely moving out of state WWE news, time Kevin up on five forty four let's check in. Right now, with John McElroy for. Automotive insight, autonomous cars are, going to have a big impact on the automotive industry including car dealerships we're just not, going to need as many. Without, amount of insight I'm John McElroy less than a. Decade ago there were nearly nineteen thousand car, dealerships in the United, States today that's down to about seventeen thousand and that number could drop almost, in, half. That's according to a study from Cox automotive whose brands include auto trader and Kelley blue book and the drop all has to do with people buying. Fewer personal vehicles as more autonomous ridesharing services hit the road many people will find that cheaper than. Owning their own car the study predicts that's going to cause a drop to only, nine thousand dealerships by twenty thirty four and. The big dealer groups will buy out the small one There are nine thousand dealer owners today but that could drop to only. One thousand without a motive insight I'm John McElroy I'm good But I have a story and I, don't know. Where to start I'm? Good but I feel..

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