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Screaming up angry. Eight felt like jack. I felt like such an idiot. I just i just turned around like with with my lip bar. Okay i guess. I need to recognize k. Fade with a background. Even i'm breed. It's time to ask this question for my brother brandon. What was it like working for working for events you know he is e promoter. Extraordinary is the. He is the emperor as chief. Jay strongbow used to call him thing about vince. Mcmahon is the layout plenty of plenty of promises to a lot of people and then he would fall back on a lot of You know and i took it personally and other people took it personally but the thing in hindsight looking back years later i realized it's the entertainment industry you know you've got to be able to handle rejection and a lot of those guys. I'm sure it had handled many broken pro. I'm sure shawn michaels had broken promises in the past. I'm sure the undertaker probably had broken promises. You have to nada handle that stuff and i was not prepared to handle it so as to promote events was just doing what he does and i know a lotta guys were very bitter angry at fence and other people in that company but When i finally grew up and realized i was probably more at fault than those people. I realized this was just doing what any good promoted us. Keeping everybody happy as long as he can and in the most out of each of his guys and sometimes he would fall back on promises. That just happened. That's other business was so he was a shrewd businessman is what he was gonna take our last commercial break and we'll come back and finish up this interview duke and get into shameless plex. We'll be right back sunday now. What song soon in man own he i used to. I.

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