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I'm sure they'll put a BI polar ri- real altogether. I was like I just saw them do that the globe. So I don't know. I don't know that. I I mean, I'm sure they'll be delightful. They always are. But yeah, if I were you can be I'd be like, I don't want that pairing. I guess at least to be repeated like spread them out elsewhere or something like that. It's funny to me that they do that trying to be so locking key with that when the obvious fix evolve. This is just throw the show in January. I know there are alive reasons, they don't do that. But like the Oscars are now the biggest award show that is like the fourth version of this show. Right. We've seen it like, you know, the Golden Globes a critics choice awards the sag awards all happened within like a three week period. And then we wait like four weeks to see the exact same thing. It's like, okay. Like, I, you know, you're right. Like, I've seen my Rudolph and Amy Poehler a lot doing award show bits. I could imagine what that's going to be like, I could imagine what they're going to have Aquafina do and concentrate and probably even Daniel Craig will come out and be like, oh, the play the bond theme, and he'll be like here. I am you know, wacko chimes bond. It's just like. Maybe he'll do a bit with his elbow, right or something. Like that. Another thing we've seen recently. I think that was at the Golden Globes maybe where they did like an Instagram. Yes. Like all these things are done to death, and the and the movies are old Black Panther has been out for a year. So it's like how much is all of these things about the show and making the show better. Just move it up have it anywhere second. And that's it. Happy new year here the Oscars, and then we can forget about the urine film before. And just go to the new one. It's just as exhausting, and I feel like that is what they're missing here because you're right. Like, all these bits are things we've seen and care kind of like a I don't know like kind of mother, courage breakfast thing is that this. This whole little cottage industry has been built around this kind of thing this campaign, including stuff that that we've benefit from. So it's hard to kind of be like, I think that like from a purely, you know, utopian approach. Yes. Of course, we should move it up, and they are moving it up next year by two weeks, which will have probably detrimental effectively Peggy Segel's budget or like bottom line or whatever. But like and probably are too. I don't know. But like, I don't know. I maybe that maybe that move up two weeks will be a compromise. But this year really you feel that that length of the wait so long. I don't want to kneecap our own podcast. But I agree. Like, I've been thinking more and more like white isn't the just go. I like these just go first. And then maybe like the other war show can get even weirder. Because they're like, okay, you've already got an Oscar. But we're going to like give this person. This do you know, I like this idea that the other award shows are just precursors and all of this. I mean, it's what we talk about for months at a time. But and I think it's interesting because this gamesmanship, but anyway, let the was go first. Okay. We're going to give Emily blunt to sag awards. Exactly. So to speaking of movies that feel fresh and not a year old Richard just returned from Sundance can gave them the little dispatch from Park City last week. But you've seen a few more things since then. And I know you've got a piece up on dot com. That people can read to get a jump on their twenty twenty plus your thought because the Aussies is not long enough. I just like let's start talking about next. You're gonna win Richard boy. Well, the movie that won the dramatic competition. The the US dramatic competition, which is the sort of like palm door of Sundance was a movie called clemency which stars Alfie Woodard as a prison warden who has overseen. I think in the movie, it's thirteen executions..

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