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Would rail guys. Draw this guy. Not yet. Blache off stale. I from mickey santa something like that so he was like. What are you talking about. I wasn't heavyweight champion. The world ever setup so skies said you've been beat and that's kind of where in a lot of ways in the real world that's well. Why does that she would they setups. Was he ever champion of the world. I know knocked a lot of guys. How but who cow. I mean this is far as identity who he is. It really is a lot more than for purse and to fight opec to unify the titles. You know this is for. This is for a lot more than this than that. This is for him. This is for him for soul for how he feels about himself how he can walk down the street about. Who is who was. Like i said was was was they set. Ups was i ever shepherd awhile. Hey guys quick break to give a shoutout to our newest sponsor momentous one of my favorite products for supplements etc in the buildup to the london. Marathon i've taken. I mean i've probably. I don't know how much aspen there every month. But a lot but full disclosure. I'm an investor in the company. I love these guys. jeff byers the founders former. Nfl player usc superstar offensive. Lineman like i said. I have been taking this stuff in the build up.

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