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Would want wants to see him because it felt like he wanted to have it both ways of I'm a question this man's upbringing but then say anyone speaks whatever race it doesn't discount. You wouldn't wise relevant you know so I would like to see them. Ask that but other than that man I really enjoyed that conversation between two diametrically opposed people who you both made good points and both main points that I thought we that and I didn't feel and now I gotta call you know because I think that just having it so often often that any anything that and that's kind of what it feels like a black lady sketch show to question those women's blackness was so was way out of the pocket yeah and also I think and I will continue to say this a lot of people's responses and reactions that people never met this. I really do think is from white supremacy. Because why are you trying to keep people out of blackness like like you know what I'm saying. Don't make them no more no less black. If you black or to quote unquote consider you'll still black and you do some sheets and black sheet. We talk about economic scarcity all the time and how black people get on and say like a white situation. They try to make sure no other black people can get in sometimes sometimes not all the time but sometimes you see that with it can only be one black voice. Though I'm GonNa do whatever I can to make sure the next person on the way up. It does not get my help right. We see those people and we all think that's the right right but there's other people treat which is like a scarcity of blackness resource which is like if you're word out of blackness wikipedia auto blackness over here to ourselves like that's not how that works you know so anyway a Do you believe Maliki Elbow yes. I believe he's just saying no. He sounded like he was lying. No United States senator audience think he sounds like he was lying and unfortunately I think he's innocent. Joanna says Nigga did it. Honey says he stepped on time. Message originally was advocating for self-aggrandizement Osmond. He's a building a Lotta Hubris here which makes it impossible to root for him. Even as an investigation is ongoing nothing yet improving our charge yuck take the allegations insidiously and get the hell out of the way. Let's take place without you in shadow and the shadows you cast yes so weird man because he was on the breakfast club this week. I didn't watch it by heard about about it. actually. I listened to a podcast about Martha's play podcast. I the latest episode so if you listen to this Sunday on Saturday September number fourteen th episode of this the one they put out right before that and they marsha play is a black trans talk podcast ask right so they had a conversation about that breakfast club interview and is is this funny thing. I always say about the breakfast club. It's it's the lowest common denominator and a lot of times is kind of like they're blowing. Smoke up your ass. 'cause you're in studio and then the day after they're like and now to get back to make phone or trans people you know so they had this conversation is very transparent online again. You know the were. Let's talk about your genitals. Those are Washington. I care about her life. You know that type of Shit and leak yoga was one of the people on there and you know it was the conflicting thing because his voice is important right. Now you WanNa talk about Hetman who are trying to not be toxic towards Trans Women and Openly Trans Women and be out and proud and out cloudera shit that is a very there's a huge vacuum within the culture and it needs to be filled by people that are willing to be like yo no. This can't me a secret because the UH keeping it a secret is making shameful and then people are using that in order to like one of the reason you can get away with murdering a trans woman is because it's all hush hush shame shame type stuff right and you can always use trans panic defense 'cause it's shameful as simple as a you know it's always trying to like you know. D- toxins by that whole environment here's the problem now in having him there and I think the conversation took place before the accusation but having him there in not being able to like that he's not addressing that he's still the allegations nations to see that he's still planning on showing up in some places and discussing this as a leader in the community well well now. We are erasing the person that accused him if he doesn't get asked about that or he doesn't have to speak on that then. We already down you know. Oh and I don't want to spoken word. That doesn't sound like that didn't sound series to me. Serious to me is saying I did or did not do this. You know I'm not even even saying for one hundred percents that people can't forgive him if he did it. I I don't know the rules on that and that's not my place to decide whether he is forgiven but I do. You understand that if you don't take like you don't take it serious. I can't take what you say series and that's what bothered me about it. You know it's like it's don't want accuse me of I don't know sexual assault or or beating somebody up and then I got on the Air Star free styling it'll be like is he serious or not did like today if I was making jokes about it like I'm out here right people but I remember my Bra. It'll be like this he. I didn't hear no. No you know what I mean. That's how I felt when I saw all right. That was a nineteen fifty six the tippers we have four comments. Look Miss You Babe Joe. Oh those four teachers with the new story had me so many stories like this come out and why people claim ignorance every time they do. Maybe they are clueless on purpose because they don't need to know shake my head. class army letter says the story about the swimmer whose victory was stripped from her because of the fear pursuit should have been placed in the fucking black people saying because guess the race the mixed race yeah so when I saw her picture in her curly hair and I think her mom I almost said during that why people knew like she looked kind of black but I didn't WanNa say that and they didn't show the picture of you know her in a bathing suit or whatever but you know it was kind of obvious that she must have a big but and then you know because if you have a big butt and you are a seventeen year old black girl now you just a whole right. You don't get anything out you now now. She's a stripper. y'All okay. She Meghan this guy this value and the way the community Tano came down on her her body on something like she needs to not be able to compete. We and let's keep burnt her dominance in the Atlanta for the past few years. They've been out to forever. It all gave me that that was going off but I said Nah. I'm not going. I'm just keep it in the white. People knew saving cause Alaska and I don't know I don't want to just assume somebody's black back but let's just say I was not surprised when we got the update also her mom and her people didn't say it was a race thing which I knew I would've said I would've had to add that in so a little black girl. Can't you know I would have did it but I think her. Mom might have been the white one so maybe baby. I can't remember what the white one but I think you know. It depends on which pair was talking because they probably didn't cross. Damar evidently does not the first time the swimmer over her younger sister. The only two members of their respective team without two Caucasian biological parents have been targeted advertising more detail link to the story. Luckily decision has been reversed. I saw that yeah man for her but good luck to our the little black girls swim among I right out of the complex as relationship did black people got swimming right all the Shit we've been dealing with you can't get in our pool niggers and now chlorine in the pool and shit now too fast and now are so too big. That's the problem my you can see but sheikh he touching but seek oh.

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