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Manhunt reportedly over on jack callaghan fox news the man wanted for shooting and killing a police officer in south west kentucky is reported dead the clarksville tennessee police department reporting moments go the thirty four year old james coursey was shot and killed in a confrontation with law enforcement in clarksville tennessee that's about thirty miles south of war officer meacham was shot and killed thursday afternoon in hopkinsville kentucky officer meacham leaves a wife and two children the motive for that police shooting is still unknown turning aside calls for a second special prosecutor attorney general jeff sessions revealing he already has a federal us attorney looking into reported fbi abuses what the attorney general israeli saying he does not necessarily need a second special counsel right now to get to the bottom of whether fbi justice department officials during the obama days broke any laws when they engaged in fis abuse to spy on the trump campaign because he already has a criminal prosecutor looking at it fox's ed henry that prosecutor is outside the beltway he is us attorney john huber who's based in utah sessions writing too key gop lawmakers he could still appoint a second special counsel depending on what if anything huber learns a string of bombings earlier this month in houston and austin texas rather now labelled as domestic terrorism by police chief brian manley just did not change anything in the way the case was investigated it will not change the ongoing investigation but what i think it will do is it will allow us as a community to come together and not only work on healing but also work on how do we address this issue what he three year old marquan did blew himself up last week just as police were closing in on him this ought to wake you up coffee companies in california we'll have to post cancer warnings on their coffee cups a superior court judge ruling that starbucks and other companies have failed to prove that there was little threat from acrylamide a chemical compound that is produced in the coffee roasting process fox news fair and balanced.

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