Bundy, Bundy Ranch, CIA discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


I'm at hardly at ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kkob allow courage referring gland that so it all went down four years ago and we all remember it clive in bundy and his sons refused to pay federal grazing fees and then stared down the government agents as they attempted to confiscate their cattle if kicked off an armed standoff with many people hearing outcomes like ruby ridge after the situation cooled clive in in his two sons and a militia member were arrested demand in the words of live and bundy they were political prisoners ever since yesterday a federal judge threw out the government's case against the bunte's and set them all free the judge use the words flagrant and reckless not for the monday's those with the word she described as she used to describe the the government and the way they withheld evidence from the defence it turns out the information the federal agents were withholding were information a regarding records about surveillance at the bundy ranch maps about the government surveillance records about the presence of governments snipers fbi logs about activities of the ranch leading up to the standoff a twenty twelve a law enforcement assessment that found that the bunte's posed no threat and internal affairs reports about misconduct by b l m agents holy cow imagine if we went to war with a country and our soldiers misbehaved we did all kinds of research on it we had all kinds of facts that showed none of this was really true and the people that we went after there were reports that said they weren't really a threat to us and then the cia tried to cover it all up well that's exactly what this sounds like although the outcome for the bunny firmly turned out happy.

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