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Under the old system and this will take place in 2019 will be the first year this do you think this is enough was this a lottery reform that that you wanted or do you think maybe more should be done to discourage teams from designing teams that are intentionally battle this is where we are i voted for a tougher reform a few years back but it cut voted down which was flattened it out even more in the idea of flattening out these odds mean flicked you're either in the play offs or you got a chance to get better towards the top of the draft you know and the teams that don't make the playoffs that are legitimately trying hard but just aren't as good or their small market they haven't been able to attract free agents you know the draft is really important in early gets more important early than any other league because the bed players can take a team to a championship because they can handle the ball every twenty four seconds and they can also play defense you know the other twenty four seconds and you know the they're only five guys on the court aren't eleven on a football team or whatever it is so or nine baseball team you know an individual guy really can't affect baseball team they don't touch the ball that often basketball it star driven and you get the lebron james you know you're probably gonna win the championship and so we got to figure out who has the best chance to get the next lebron if the rubber is one uh at that level and so it's probably the worst teams but you flatten it out so that everybody out of the playoffs at no has a decent shot in it reduces the urge to be the very worst team in legitimately just be terrible on purpose and you know this is not good to sell tickets if not good for the integrity of sport it doesn't look good it's tough to say the celtics are playing someone who's doing that you know fans enjoy the game thanks for coming you know they they're not can enjoy the game as much new right so anyway that's the reason to vote for a flattening and it did get flattering letsie l works you insist paid or do you think there's any.

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