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New HVAC systems, all of which I am I am my aspirin program with a whole bunch of restaurant people we're exploring for new set of guidelines, known bro Reopen, but if that investment gets taken away from them in this Lucy with football. History then. They feel that they're gone for good. Yeah I. Mean just this is just horrible. It's just horrible. Also. Tell. There was a great story about the whole minimum wage tipping, and how people are hanging on by a thread there to update us on what's going on with? Tipped minimum. Wage, Car Kobe. Minimum Wage is is very complicated. Why complicated because it pays very paltry wage to workers who have the option and many of the workers preferred option of getting a lot of tips, and getting way above minimum wage in theory, the restaurants that have tipped minimum wage are required to make any difference if it's a really bad really slow week at a server has not cleared enough tips to make. Make minimum wage by law. Anybody who paid tipped minimum wage, which is a very low minimum wage is required to make up that difference at the end of the week. The problem is that's the law and the requirement, but there isn't even enforcement of it, so restaurant opportunities center, which is a very powerful and very good worker, rights, organization and other worker rights. Advocates have been trying for years to abolish. Abolish tip, minimum wage, California and at least seven other states have for years abolished it, but in various places it gets voted in by by a populous on a ballot measure, and then the state legislature or the city of Washington DC happened in Washington will reverse because powerful restaurant owners like having the tipped minimum wage option, but now in a time of desperation for restaurants, and for so little work. Work among workers the restaurant. Workers are trying to abolish this again and saying that the safety net of a guaranteed minimum wage, not the low minimum wage is the way to go for all workers it, so it's reopened alive controversy and I have no idea how in play out you know the thing I didn't understand. The piece of corby is is well virtually every restaurant tour. We know well here. Speaks about their workers in their suffering I the first thing out of their mouths but I. my sense is they may be aspirational. I hope they're not but in the story they talked about some restaurant owners who used to be in favor of the lower minimum wage because of covid nineteen now flipping their position, and are now supporting it I understand that in the abstract, because obviously the point is, you're making less of your server, because there's less business, but the restaurant is more press two. So why are some of these enlightened restaurant types the owners? Siding with their services I wish they would, but it surprises me. It surprises me, too. What has surprised me about? This? Whole? Controversy is the number of people like Jose Andrei in national hero. He was against changing the minimum wage He thought it worked out better for his workers and he didn't want it to happen, so he was in favor of having the Washington. DC popular populations. Vote reverse at in. The city council, so he went on the record as saying tip minimum wage is better for workers and better for owners, so it's it's a funny Stu people I'm always for what will protect the backs of the workers, so if they're a new owner thing. Okay, now we get it battle. Be Great..

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