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With gene grad. Party's not over according to dandong. So we'll just keep talking and drinking This is not an onion headline so here. We go fox news. Reports that stanford francisco is rolling out a pilot program that will pay high risk individuals not to shoot anyone as gun crimes. Take up in the city. It's the dream catch extreme keeper fellowship. They'll pay ten individuals who are high risk of being on either end of a gun. Three hundred bucks a month to not be involved in gun crimes. Participants of the program will be paired with life coaches from the city street violence intervention program and will serve as community ambassadors participants are also eligible to receive an additional two hundred bucks a month through ways like working going back to school Mediating violent situations payments are made in the form of gift cards and will be monitored we could also encourage dads to raise their fucking kids and then we could eliminate all this horse shit but for some reason. It's the third rail of politics just can't go. There can encourage dads to hang out and raise their kids so we have to build everything around kids who don't know their dads who are violent and then we have to building entire ecosystem around that or we could kind of focus Let's see i think The great talks about Systemic she wants to get to the root around the stomach. Yes get to the root of the problem. Who are these fifteen year old sister. Shoot other fifteen year olds folks who have great relationships with their dad. Dad's nurturing and present and taking care. I don't you know you're never gonna fix anything as long as young boys grow up fucking super angry and freaked out and by the way kind of that ptsd. I mean traumatized. It's it's insanity. I've been talking about this since love line and it just gets a little bit worse every year and as far as the politicians go. It's a third rail like we're gonna talk about gun buybacks and in gift cards for people who don't shoot people. I mean that's great. That's fucking window dressing. You should really be figuring out. Why fifteen year olds and seventeen year olds would like to shoot other people in other or themselves or bystanders or should be questioned. Why they in a gang yeah. We're that come from yeah okay. Dad's politicians who do not want to discuss dads. I mean well you know it's it's funny too because with all the texas news in the in the news. We talk about abortion. You can be sued for helping perform an abortion. We're getting abortion. Whatever after five weeks six weeks we talk. I brought up the other day. We'll why don't you just mandate vasectomies and they can be reversed when the guys mature enough or if we really want the long arm of the law involved fine do that texas. But any boy man. Whoever he is who doesn't stick around to help that woman during her pregnancy arrays that child. Maybe he goes to prison. Maybe he's find until he goes into debt. What about the guy. I'm totally with you. I mean prisons are filled enough to capacity. But i'm look making the point. Look let me explain what keeps everything. You can talk about Cops but are there enough cops like i've i've always said this counselors and cops. There's enough counselors for school like you take a high school. It's a good size high school twenty five hundred students. There's a seven councillors and that's enough for forty four problem kids but one of the entire school had a problem. You know what i mean. I mean we've all learned in recent months that if the populace at large wants to hit the streets and go out and fucking burn down. Payless shoe store the race. Got stand and watch because of certain points a critical mass. So you have x. amount of and there's you know i don't know what the breakdown is and it goes from community to community but in los angeles there's one cop for every seventeen hundred citizens or something. Well if we all decide to burn down pay last what are you doing jack shit and so if we got a whole bunch of fucked up kids and a whole bunch of street gangs and a whole bunch of guns and a whole bunch of people shooting each other at a certain point you can have you can re imagine policing fan community people for interventions and gift cards and stuff. It's still going to be a shit show. That's how it works so we've gotta shrink the group to it. You're saying adam there's two points here one talking about guns. We'll talk about machetes enough. And i'll tell you why and when you talk about if there's enough cops actually happened to me while back. I live in venice. Beach definitely not enough cops there. I was riding my bike going to take a ride on the beach. I leave my house. I'm driving down as i'm coming down the street minding his own business goggles by going out for the bathroom circling the block. So no. I'm riding taxpayer and i see a guy coming out..

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