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But if you feel like you don't have the play out up, right? And you want to have a conversation about what your veteran quarterback is seeing the call the time out. I mean, we're talking about tailgate you the fourth down you get three stops you. Call three times, I'm out probably get the background your own forty. With less than fifty seconds left with no timeouts trying to score touchdown again. You know what? I mean. Like, I it was very in the spirit of the Philadelphia Eagles under Doug Peterson to call time out and win the game on four th to like, that's what you do your down. There. Most score. You know what? I mean, the first and second down runs two things number one. Yes. You run on first and second down. Absolutely to me. That is an on question decision force the bears. You there timeouts if you can't score and third in two fourth day. You suck you should lose. As never to foles had the option to kill kill to a pass. If you wanted to it might have even been a pass originally he'd kill kill to a run. He was unclear in the presser, but he had the option to run or pass depending on the defense of look and both times he wanted to run and that was the best luck. And also it's worth noting. It's only a kneel down you can score on a running Blais. They didn't which is rising bears run defenses. Fantastic. I'm on. I'm not saying that. But you absolutely run those place and shortly after the third. Down failed score. Yeah. Everybody was getting a little skittish about that. I'm sure if they had us go forth out there have been huge question about it. But ninety nine times out of free. You absolutely run Navan for second down. You have to take the bears timeouts away. And they got down to thirty five and take the time to timeouts definitely not at all questioning the first two runs for this for the reasons that you stated you let the clock run. Let them use their timeouts. I mean, I was wondering at a minute thirty of the bears were gonna start calling their timeouts, and they let it run down even more. And I was like, yeah. Absolutely. You run the ball for the first couple of times there to take that time down make them user timeouts. Put Trubisky in a worse situation and put on him. And I agree the faith that you have that you're gonna make it on fourth down is incredible. So yeah, if you wanna have the right play call in there for foles, and it was really just a matter of Tate's on McManus. Tate's got leverage on throwing it's nice easy. Half field. Read the ball's gonna take him into the end zone by. Nature of the the Canucks everything. So. Yeah. Agree with that. I just thought it was strange when they first called the tight out on like, well, this is it right here. There is no second chance. There is no coming back from this. You're gonna have to live or die by this decision. That's what Doug Peterson has always done. So I agree with you there. Ben. Let's get to three words, obviously, the first one from Joe hashtag grow gotta go at show g for three the double dunk. Then let me tell you my butthole got so tight when it hurt it when a halo I post, and then I saw it hit the second one. Unlike the camera did like like a jerk thing, you couldn't tell which way the ball was moving with was going forward or backwards. And you just see it land in the grass in front of thing. Wouldn't incredible experience? Oh my God. Trayvon Hester, the second highest graded defensive player in the second half of the season for some rally death row that bag. Jamie FOX at Gerry, and then a bunch of stuff who's our our friend military friends says join doing game, which is a very good description because that kick took a year and a half the fall serve. And especially when I was watching when when when it hit the crossbar. Oh, it's going off the crossbar. Why do enough across bar one hundred going by Ronning gyro who's become a favorite? He was funny joke..

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