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Suspended teacher files discrimination lawsuits against North. Texas school districts Stacey Bailey. Was placed. On paid leave by Mansfield school district for most of last year parents complained Bailey discussed her girlfriend and her lesbian lifestyle in her fourth grade. Class and gave a slide show and lecture about two. Artists who are gay she was pulled from her job, at Charlotte Anderson, elementary the district offered to place Bailey at a secondary. School but she refused she's now agreed to teach art at Lakeridge high school but her lawyer says she still not happy because she will be. Dealing with, a lot more, students at Lakeridge than she did teaching elementary school her classes beginning next Wednesday Cameron Fairchild. NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD changes are coming to the states, power to choose. Website utility regulators are now planning changes, to make the site the less deceptive But also said the whole project. May be scrapped the public. Utility commission. Says the changes will include more information on how to find the best plans and will put a limit on the number of options at any. Retailer can post on power to choose the changes will. Take a few weeks to put into place Mitch card, and he goes, radio ten eighty KRLD Texas slide is now open in, Arlington the grand opening of Texas live got underway with the VIP party dignitaries including Arlington Bayer Jeff Williams were on hand to christen began attainment. Venue that, sits between globe, life park and the upcoming globe y field Pudge Rodriguez invited folks to his place my. Place obviously is going to be right up there in, the second floor Come over Now isn't the only legendary sports speaker to have a place here at Texas live Troy Aikman owns and operates Troy's which focuses on burgers and Margaritas by. Aikman's remarks during the, opening ceremony there might be a little rivalry brewing between the two hall of famers in their. Respective sports Pudge. Serves pizza I. Serve primarily gourmet burgers he's. Too good of a friend. To be in competition with them but I, sure hope y'all like burgers a little bit more than you like pizza after. The VIP party who has time to let the general public for the first time and they were quite impressed anthem aiding it's a really great venue I think it's pretty RAD bring a lot of out. Of town visitors good, place to hang out and have a co drink and watch the game it's going to be..

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