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What's that product that cleans out your Sinuses? What's that called new vibe? Nevada? I think that's what the Reds had originated that Trevor Bauer had that last night. Nevada's Yeah, he was probably like to have Joey Votto stick one up each nostril and see what happens. Does clean him out. Boys clean them every power in that postgame news conference, Willie Had the royal You know what rump Thank you. After yesterday's historic performance by Trevor Bauer in a great job by the bullpen, the offense forgot to show up and they squandered every opportunity to give them some help. About the double steal it. I was in the seventh about Votto not scoring on a single to left. Correct. I mean, just just keep naming him off the first the 1st 6th 7th. 11 12 and 13 having base. If you can score that many innings, you're not You don't deserve to win the game. How many reds left on base? Ah 26 at least Last three any more than they had on the roster. Mr Mr Bauer struck out 12/7 scoreless innings. That's the Reds postseason record, besting your good friend Homer Bailey's 11 and Game three of the 2012 and L D. S. Struck out five with a slider. Five of the fastballs, one with Cutter and the other one with a curveball. Freddie Freeman said after the game. He knew what pitch was coming. Because all America Garrett throws is a slider. What about 95 on the hands, Jimbo? What about number one? The heat? Throw out the express throw it. Yeah, every now and then on the hands 95 like Bill Bishop used to do for Bernadette Pontiac. A bit Well, you know that So? Ah, but throw it Reds had more chances. Really? They they loaded the bases one out the 13th. No good. You load the bases would not want out in the 13th after back to back singles by Votto and swore as a nine pitch, walked a moose. The Punisher struck out, Then you throw Jose Garcia up in that situation. I can't hate grounds into a fielder's choice can hit. So they lose it one to nothing about the first inning. First start, Nobody else correct Votto of courts hits in a double play. They stranded the bases loaded in the 11th. Of course. Eso. Ah, you know, maybe the day they'll get that key hit. Or maybe not. No pack up the bags and head home for the winter. Or maybe go to Houston. To play the Miami Marlins. What about that? We'll see what happens the winning line up today for David Bells, so show go Akiyama and left. Cast the Ottos and right Votto First. Suarez, third most Octus Second Waker. Th San's L Center Galvis short Barnhardt. I assume he's catching. That is correct because Curt Casali not in a line up to catch today because he's dealing with a sore left wrist. He's available off the bench probably got hit yesterday by a pinch or something. Well, I wouldn't have I would have thrown the suicide squeeze. That was when our favorite plays for Deer Park theory. When was the last time a double steal worked and somebody busted in the National League or American League? Saying, Let's take a break. This is the Arno carriers inside pitch. Arnell carriers your global transportation provider, visit our LC dot com more coming up right here on 700 wlw. Basketball is back and.

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