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Indigenous voices of turtle island a powerful perspective of the indigenous peoples of the United States and Canada on the earth's climate and inter related code nineteen emergencies professor Richard wolf joins us will we ever get back to normal again and if so what will that look like plus in geeky science I'm asking America is a big decision to make how do we and shelter in place stay tuned and find the science revolution wherever fine podcasts are available you know occasionally I get things wrong I'll make a mistake I'll I'll have a wrong date or wrong city or even a concept that's wrong and you are really good at setting me straight did people call in and say oh wait a minute no wasn't bad it was those or people tweeted to me you know it's we went through that earlier in the week an I you know I appreciate that but I I I I gotta say I don't know about this this guy in Boston WRKO is a Boston right wing radio station a right wing talk station and the host Jeff Kuhner took a call apparently this morning yeah the this morning this is by Travis Gettys over rawstory dot com by the way and Zack the caller said I've been thinking about this thing I was a smoker for years I smoke about three packs a day I never like this new vape thing coming out with the nicotine in it but I have a bunch of friends with big cleaning companies and then Zach goes on to say you know that he had heard an ad on the radio station for disinfecting company and he's wondering if maybe vape pens could be loaded with bleach instead of nicotine so that you can get an infected lungs is quote maybe we could make that Santa make some sort of vape that could help people you know they could atomized chemicals into your lungs and you could blow it out your nose thinking outside the thinking outside the box is what we need to do and no one seems to want to do it I don't know if I'm crazy at which point I would have said you're crazy right there the right wing talk show host said that you're not crazy and bingo you said the word you said the first thank you for that call thinking outside the box that's literally what the president was doing yesterday that's a good chief executive does oh my god we are Fairlawn in Jim Jones territory and Jim Jones only kill a few hundred people Donald Trump is killed over fifty thousand with his incompetence and his lies and is bound lane and is procrastination and and his stealing personal protective equipment from states that are that are melting down with this virus and hiding it someplace presumably give the red states later on it is mind boggling sell yeah let's pick up your phone calls sending those Friday Leon in Gainesville Florida a Leon what's up Hey all thanks for taking my call I tried to call last week but it was busy busy always talk about are the coronavirus and what we can do to maybe get things going sooner I have been watching a Ted X. talk professor from Columbia University teaches physics name's Dave Brenner and he's come up with the technology of what's called far UVC I don't know if you've heard of it or not yeah there's three kinds of UV light a and B. and C. and C. is the kind that is the most destructive it's it's what they use outside things one of our sponsors it's called the queen found dot com they sell a box but you put your phone in and you close the top because if you look at UVC light it can burn your retina but that's that's not correct but this new technology is not solar generated your bank statements lab made its artificial yes I'm talking about is just a very narrow slice of your PC well not in a trade a single stem cell it will not penetrate the ice or defense of the FDA has approved it is being safety gears and there's not a convenience I'm sorry not on human beings I mean this is this is like you know Hey let's be bleach you know a friend of mine up in New York was talking about this he he knew about this the clean phone thing that we've got we were talking about that and and he said you know I can get you the winds on Amazon I'm I'm gonna get some it turns out that those are actually kind of like black light things you know they're designed to make things fluorescent that's not on your eternal under Sir my point is our encourage everybody who's listening now to get to do a search on your chair and go for a it's a ten X. content talk and this guy's name Brenner professor of physics at Columbia University he's developed this technology that only takes a very narrow slice of baguette how we not only have I got that yeah okay I have to check it out I really don't you know I I can't speak to what you're talking about and I don't want to be wandering into science speak about things that might or might not be really dangerous we're not going to vape bleacher Dave in federal way wash and a day what's up not too much time in Hey look I just wanna say ahead of time I don't want to you know be little your intelligence on you know the intelligence community contato I know you know a lot I know you're all we do but I want to capture something before it expires because this is very relevant there was an anecdotal reports earlier that Donald Trump could not really receiving intelligence briefs because he would change the subject what for instance they were doing a briefing on the Indian Ocean in the universe remark on the map right Donald Trump want to talk about how Sri Lanka is actually a part of India but that wasn't the topic are a lot of times you would talk about beach front property you know how good a real estate a country had when that was the topic all right now with these with these briefings on the corona virus like you know where he says you know you can inject UV light into your body and you know everything all the disconnect and crazy stuff do you have a creepy stuff he's been talking about it kind of proves that original anecdotal evidence that Donald Trump just changes the topic to what he prefers now we can debate what you know if it's it's I don't think I said I I I don't think you change it to what he prefers I think he's changing it to what he understands he's always trying to move things into a realm where his limited intellect can deal with it can grasp it so he happens to know some little factoid about India and Sri Lanka probably got it from nobody was thinking about re annexing Sri Lanka right and so he blurts that out because that's the thing that he understands or at least he thinks he understands the same thing with the bleach yesterday forgive my interrupting no no no but it is very very important this is the intelligence community part you know especially since George Bush was president right now a lot of effort is put into all of the effort is put into prioritizing paying for the president to consume and decide upon right and in so so you could argue your country's been blunders in the past Cuban Missile Crisis I will one day center at sugar but you can argue that this stuff is very very boring and you know how can one human being possibly absorb it all but it is important all right so what I'm saying is is Donald Trump but I know for a fact but we've been doing the pandemic stuff since World War two okay I know for a start Donald Trump was given advance knowledge of it all right now he may have chose not to listen but think about it thank about it you know from your father using the intelligence community day I did it for twenty five years Tom I mean for twenty five years I get it all right and I'm not trying to boast entre was not bad you know what I know it can be very boring and tedious work but here's my point if Donald Trump has missed you know miss the briefing on the on the corona virus well she you know eliminated a lot of the specialists that could have given us better but delegates on at all there is a problem is the race is in the in the in the executive branch you know the the National Security Agency and the HHS agency or the DHS agency that both were designed to oversee a pandemic ET shut them down because because Obama had created them yes and this could be our IG I don't mean to be overly dramatic but we could be seeing the beginning of the end right now let me put it this way even when I was walking north maybe the end of life on this earth I mean look when I was no no no no no for trump not paying attention look when I was on active duty North Korea North Korea was already on the brink of collapse all right now if if if it burned out and supposedly total but supposedly Kim Jong moon might die from complications due to a coronavirus yes North Korea collapses all right if North Korea collapses and we're in and then we you know what we've been preparing for for years in humanitarian right to to keep because there will be a mass exodus of the China all right if China and Russia yes if China and Russia allow south Korean U. S. at a you know we Australia Pacific forcing all right into the up to the Yalu River which you would never do before but anyways if they allow it all right this will be trillions and trillions of dollars well you know you might see one day so what this economic stimulus but look at the economy right now we are not going to survive it in India all on a high grade hawking and of life on earth your date but are you saying that this could trigger a nuclear war I mean right now the trump is moving warships into the South China Sea the Chinese are getting belligerent trump is threatening Iran with war I think he wants a war in order to distract us from from what's going on so we can become a real wartime president I don't think it'll work for him but is that you know you said end of life on earth I I don't get what you're talking to each other in a nuclear war no look look alright already the conservatives in America saying that disco corona virus it's a corona virus coop it is a liberal coup against president Donald.

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