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She was concerned enough that she hires a private detective to to look into it it self-preservation. She probably was concerned for her life when she realized that there was a policy on her. A private investigator started digging in finding out. I would be worth one point two million. To Carl if I was dead one night. I had called my cousin and told her my fierce. I think curl might be Khalil by. She said why would Karl Levi? There's nothing for him to gain from that I said. Guests are was gained seven hundred thousand dollars. Cindy's cousin Jackie and called in a concern that she had to the police. A phone call. What are you told those asked? If if we didn't investigated an accident involving Levi Carlson's death and I looked it up. This family members Gusman suspicions concerned that things just aren't ended up. You know wherever Carl goes. Tragedy takes place and financial payoffs. Follow suit. Once we started looking into prior incidents. That was the first indication of something wasn't right here so as investigators start to look into Carl Carlson's past. You know it doesn't take them long to to see what is a frightening pattern that dates back decades. The first thing that came up was a firefighter from nineteen six was a brand new Mustang purchased by Carl Carlson at ten thousand dollars insurance on it, and it burned up his driveway, according to the report, we heard. Nothing in the trump nothing a glove box. The car just burned up and. It church took care of the payment and Got Monitor. Players, another one of those incidental tragedies, one evening in two thousand and two, I was asleep. And Carlson Upright in bed. And looked out the window. and Said on the Barnes on fire. I knew there were horses in there. There was our prize Belgian mayor. And two babies. Those devastating to see the barn, burning down, which is part of our family's history, and then also to see the loss of these horses that we're conveniently. Just put it. In the barn. One. Hundred fifteen thousand dollars Carl's paid out on this. Burn in the horses. Can we go one more time? Tragedy and a Pale. I call it blood money. He got an insurance policy from my daughter. He got another insurance policy when he had A. Firm, down with expensive courses in your seemed like every couple of years, something was burning. You know so I mean I feel like we kinda new and just expect it. We choose to reach out to Cindy Carlson to further investigation. First thing she said was. Thank God. You called when you asked her to help you out. She said yes she agreed. And put a wire. Walking into. Traffic! I thought maybe I can get him to confess. That was Michael. Of Carl did this she wanted to I'm terrified. I'm thinking. Oh, my Gosh, my.

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