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Pass or any package. That's wealth and passive income expo dot com. Promo code Beck from the K L I. F Soda. Wait. Last news desk. This is real news and information by 70 K. L I s Sunny outside 90 degrees with 5 70 Kale. I have news and information. I'm Chad Dixon. Let's get a look at your money. Here's Spencer McGowan with net worth radio record high inflation at 5% Year over year, the highest since 2000 and eight yet gold Often rumored to be an inflation hedge is stalled at 18 96 per troy outs. A lot of the inflation money went to Cryptocurrency instead of gold. Crypto currency also stalled after most major Cryptocurrencies fell by about 50%. S and P 500 hit a new all time high today, up to half a percent. The Dow pretty well stalled at about 34,600, West Texas intermediate crude holding above the $70 a barrel mark. Consequently, the pipelines extended their gains for the year to nearly 50%. I'm Spencer MacGowan President McGowan group network radio dot com News and information. Time is 404. Let's get a look at right now. Traffic Here's Bill Jackson. In Dallas on 6 35 east found at Hillcrest Erect has that down.

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