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So anyways that's what we're going to be doing hopefully growing and You know providing people that chance chance so again. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this and I'll let you know When it'll be out in does he buys can subscribe and hear the whole thing is you're GonNa want to yeah to hear all of the additional stuff for sure all right? Well thank you thank you. Yeah thank you guys too. All right bye bye. All right everybody everybody moping you took some notes and this part of the detectives report art was Kept out the other day and the reason is because I knew that was going to be able to interview them in person in order to get specific information and you even heard them mentioned about the detective when he called You know he you know how to describe it He did ask questions. He did But none of the important things is what I'm getting at Was discussed you know. I didn't hear anything at all about the other folks folks that Anthony saw the you know the other people up at the hot springs. This is really important information in. Why were they not interviewed? Why were they not spoken to you? Know really just from this interview you can pretty much put together and formulate at least an opinion at this point I believe You know I have have one and I don't like to again. I really don't like to point fingers fingers and I believe people are innocent before proven guilty always in a quarter of law. No matter what I think are anybody thinks even even even the family I told them before we even started you know. Just prepare yourself just got except it's always possible you knowledge could have been a really strange accident. They do happen. But I'm sorry. The odds of that in our in. Even though the cases closed in they said it was caused by the elements. And you know probably probably again fall. Down this this ravine this five hundred foot ravine but who's to say he's not pushed or place there possibly. There's all kinds of different things that could have occurred because when you take the behavior of the individual and you know compare it to what really anybody else would have gone and I know that sometimes people do strange things and and if he was truly I two thermic you know in his mind wasn't working right. You know. Well maybe he does some of these things but not when he put it all together. You put each thing together how he actually appeared more alert. The second time the cope. Why did he take the code off? The East should have been becoming more and more. Coal is east again becoming hypothermic. I have heard of people wants to have full on hypothermia. After some time as you're getting really close adept at some people literally strip off all their clothes which is weird but that does occur. But that's not what's happening here nuclei. That's not what's happening here at all. They had to keep asking about Jeff's right. I mean he really didn't offer any information at all fact he didn't even want to talk about Jeff other than calling him names and and being from Kansas and this and that kind of setting up maybe you know the story of. That's why he's missing. That's why he when he woke up face face I in the snow. Supposedly in Jeffries has gone you know. Well he's just gone because he's an idiot. He's from Kansas. You know that's the best he could come up with Also something else. That wasn't in any of the reports a few noticed He said to the two ladies here that they went back to the truck that was never mentioned so he told them and again. Who knows? Maybe I don't know why he's telling the girl L. says that they went back to the truck on load the tools but that's not true. They were dropping them off as they were hiking away from the truck getting to that wall face or whatever they were trying to climb up. Just all bull you know him passing out not remembering anything. Thank you really didn't take very long to even get their. These areas are so close together between where the truck is and the springs is only a few miles els. I mean you could have gotten there within a couple of hours of just walking and And that's it so known you heard about the snow. No it already started and but you know it wasn't a full on Blizzard Dino The temperatures weren't so freezing that you would not be able to survive especially even if it's true you know and again this is all speculation because just his testimony. I don't know what what to think of it None of it's making any sense to me. Maybe it's making sense to some of you the end if it is let us know You Herbie rematch. Web Sleuths W. E. B. S. L. E. U. T. H. as they are some of the best at looking at these cases aces and you know almost to a person they all claim bowl. You know there's something really off and strange and suspicious is hell about this case. The news reports mentioned. You just look at the comments. I mean it's just everybody says it looks suspicious You know the drug use Houston again. That's public information. So all of these people were were using and this isn't the type of drug your Desta Weekend Warrior. Maybe when you start but In as people have been using this these drugs for quite a while so it's not dislike a little weekend thing it's GonNa be a constant thing the the addiction is so strong and also the withdrawal symptoms are very similar similar to what is occurring here. But it's like I mentioned it's also strangely GonNa be similar to what somebody that's hypothermic is economy shaking a lot in their legs and be shaking but He kept closing his eyes And when when he was in the back of the ambulance is same thing he was. If you guys remember from the detective reports he was able to take off his shoes and pants. Everything was hands and everything were working. He was coordinated sets. If you're hypothermic. You're not gonNA be able to do that so I don't know why. The detectives just took took that and ran with it immediately and ignored all of this information. And what we keep saying that you're going to hear about in the next episode from from the family all of the additional evidence and information that they've been able to gather so I wanNA thank you guys for hearing this. I'm hoping that this interview at least begins to give you some kind of shape or form or in some kind of cohesive timeline or You know his attitude. You know a spotlight on Anthony of who he really is as a person in what he was actually doing and actually sang. Not just what's in those reports on what he's telling the detectives we really do need to get those interviews. We need to get him the video. Oh interviews or minimally DISA- transcript if anything why they do not have that yet. The family is beyond me. this you know. Douglas Douglas County. They have to provide this information. The nine one one call. There's so much the video that they claim the two guys getting Outon Wanting to go up to the forestry boxes but you really can't tell who they are you know well. Why can't we have that video you didn't so we can and see it And again really when it all comes down. What did they even care about? After even jeff is found deceased deceased again. It could happen even place there you could have been pushed there. There's a million different things All they cared about was the force through boxes in the envelopes. They were asking. Can we charge somebody for these through twenty five cents envelopes. That's all they cared about that said and again just closed out the case mysteriously all right so get ready for the family and their theory free and all of the information that they're gonNA throw out. You guys are really going to enjoy that. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for spreading this word of mouth. The have no wadia how much that means to us. That's that's how we're going to grow. That's how we're GONNA You know be able to be this tool for people as as we mentioned you guys understand how this works our you should in real time that when people go missing we can be talking to the family immediately. The information goes out to everybody. That has the application to. If you don't have it yet go and get the application on You know i-it's on IOS. It's also also on the Google. Play store guesses where you go for androids. I have an iphone so go to the apple store And it's the OWL. Once was lost. Just a missing persons APP. You can't miss it the the best one. There's a few other ones there but this one by far is is the best in is is taken care of by Nick Conway. Who if you listen to the very first episode? I interview him and we talk about how we kind of met and why we decided ready to partner together and this too simple thing that should have been done a long time ago a long time ago. it's not like were you know this. This is magic or anything this is just the simple instead of simplicity just attaching a podcast along to the The applications so that we can talk to the family and get specifics for people to be looking at first hour and how precious it is and I do want to say. Hey that when I've mentioned about the twenty four hour waiting period for eight hours I have to admit that's a lot of that has changed a lot of states aids. Don't have that anymore But regardless this is still always gonna be faster because the family has control over that the churches. There's an example. That child goes missing in a store in a walmart or something and they're looking everywhere and they can't find them they would still have to get on the phone call nine one one make a report to all of these different things before anybody is even beginning to look. Where would this you can upload the information within minutes with the picture? The alert alert goes out and people are searching and there might even be people you know in the store that had this. That's the goal right is to have as many people so as possible tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people with this phone APP minimally and then hopefully have the podcast is well so so that you can be updated with specifics. In details of what's going on and then as I mentioned before that will also be doing coal cases that are our given to us that. Have the best chance at being solved either. By UH gathering the information or by you guys gathering bring information you guys being the sluice and Hopefully we'll be able to get some some closed so that's it for today in and Really appreciate it. Please give those five stars again. I know I know baggy and I keep saying it but just got understand again. It's it's the algorithms for Apple And for Android doesn't matter but the five star rating needs to be clicked. I didn't even care if you to give a four. Whatever it doesn't matter we need those so that people can find the podcast so we can start to be suggested by the algorithms to people as the missing person's application because there really isn't any other ones Available out there I don't see any that are actually live other than the application. But you can't get those like in the podcast so you can go and get the podcast Ed cast and by getting the podcast. Of course we're going to tell you to get the application and vice versa. See other work. So it's it's it's simple But we've got to have those five stars you can then write a review right beneath that. Tell us anything you want Look we're brand new and and again you know you didn't get the greatest recording year. It's a little bit spotty in feel like telling us that. Go right ahead. If you guys have suggestions give suggestions were never going to be a massive production company You know scripted professional voiceover with sound effects. Listen you know come on. I'm I'm just I don't know about you guys but I'm so sick of that. It's it's boring. It's an affront to my I intelligence most of the time to hear any of that and then at the end they don't even give you information on the case if you have leads if you have tips and you know where to send them. You don't hear any of that okay. There are a few good true crime. PODCAST that due provide that information out there I'm not gonNA name on an only because a marketing name. The ones that are bad so it's just not fair but there are some good ones is listened to and I feel that they do justice they do a good job to do justice to the family but the vast majority are taking advantage of of the pain and suffering of these families. And I just don't get it. You know the really old cases cold cases same thing as not any different You know if you're doing something Jeffrey Dahmer or You know any of the big names. That's a little bit different that's More News Type Information Outta mind that people do shows on that a fine at the it is a little bit different All the information is is already out there. Everybody knows it every seen it. There's document documentaries everywhere on those subjects. So excuse me anybody's blended there today. Thank you for listening. Please pass this on to a few friends. Ask them to pass it on to five more and that's again now we're going to grow however GonNa get there. Please give us those five stars at so very very important Once we start getting up there in everybody starts downloading subscribing describing hitting those five stars. I promise I'll shut up about it. Okay you have my word. I'll shut up about it. All right everybody have a great day bye bye..

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