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I lived for really. And we would just we would go on for hours and hours. And finally, you know, my mother would she just kind of leave us to it? Eventually she she'd come back in and she'd be like are you two gonna talk about the moon and the stars all night? And that's actually what she came to call them our moon and stars talks. So at sixteen hour like all teenagers. I didn't want to be away from my friends for five minutes. Let alone a whole weekend. So I called Mark. And I asked if I could bring them to the Hamptons. Ring, Mark speaking. Hi, it's Sarah. Can I bring my friends next weekend? That'd be fine. Click. He wasn't one for small talk. So he was not the problem. What the problem was was at some of my friends had no idea about any of this. Now that's not because I was trying to hide it. It's really because the details weren't exactly easy to like slip into conversation. You know, they'd be like, hey, Terry wanna go smoke and drink on the corner discussing the Hudson river school painters over dinner, and grit jammed, but what the hell? Truly. I was I was about telling them the only the only thing I can kind of compare it to is like is like coming out. You know, I I would just be like I have to tell you something. And I I hope you find it in your heart to accept me. But I. I know rich guy. But but truly it was awkward because I really wanted them to come. But I also didn't want them to be embarrassed. You know, so I I had I had to explain. And so literally like here I be in the school yard and one side. No kids would be beaten up crap out of each other. That's how we do recess in queens. And then on the other side, you know, I'd be huddled up with my friend trying to explain, you know, antiquing. Know it. Got me on that way, friend rob piled into the back of his like red hoop deep flying down the highway heading from Hollis to the right, and I just felt for brevity sake. Let's just say that rob is like Eminem. And then the next like an Italian Rosie.

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