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It was originally broadcast Sunday September first nineteen, fifty seven in the newspapers events Sunday sixty, three years ago. These were some of the headlines. In a face to face encounter governor Goodwin J Knight yesterday warned Senator William F. Nolan he would face a hard fought contest. If he entered California's one, thousand, nine, hundred fifty Republican race for governor. The Senate Minority Leader home from Congress or an extensive state wide speaking tour sidestep the virtual challenge and replied in effect that intimidation would get night nowhere the first meeting eight months between two of the most important Republicans in. California took place thirty first annual host breakfast of the State Chamber, of Commerce. Death stock the nation's highways faster than expected yesterday, and before the first twenty, four hours of the seventy. Eight Hour Labor Day weekend, we're over traffic fatalities had ridden above the one hundred mark. The. Miami Daily News said last night a US intercontinental ballistic missile was fired about twenty four hundred miles over the Atlantic probably two months before Russia claimed it had developed to weapon firing from the air. Force. Missile Test. Center on Florida's Cape Canaveral. Shoving black shirted followers of Italian dictator. Benito Mussolini nearly rioted yesterday at a funeral mass being held for their assassinated it'll do. Armed police had to hold back the saluting, screaming fascist outside the church when they tried to attack photographers crying, leave us alone with our duty police stood guard both inside and outside the tiny chapel at San Cassano cemetery as a priest offered directly a master, the simple company containing the broken body of the dictator. There's five Boris Morals foresees the fall of Soviet Communist Party boss Nikita Khrushchev within the next eight months he predicts that the successor will be a military dictatorship headed by Marshall Georgy Zucca. Dr and Mrs Henry Spits Fatty denied yesterday acusations they were Russian espionage agents the accusations made yesterday in Washington I congressman Walter the Democrat of Pennsylvania said, the couples were identified as spies by the House UNAMERICAN activities committee chairman said the Spitzer's had been members of the Soviet espionage apparatus recently exposed by FBI counter spy Boris Morals. President Eisenhower kept his word to me one hundred percent on passage of the civil rights bill that from representative Adam, Clayton Powell. The Democrat of New, York and Negro in a table to his office from Germany. He said the president promised in last October. He would ask Congress to pass a civil rights bill would have Attorney General Brownell, presper consideration, and urged congressional leaders to fight for his passage Powell announced he. Will travel to the South this fall. Urging Negros to register as voters he will work with the Reverend Martin Luther King of Montgomery a Negro who led that cities Negroes in boycotting buses POW broke with the Democrats last year to campaign for Eisenhower's reelection meanwhile, President Eisenhower urged by twenty two organizations last night to appoint immediately assistant attorney general and six civil rights commissioners genuinely devoted to the advancement of civil rights. Civil rights advocates yesterday set their sights on a change in the Senate filibuster rule as their next major objective. But they can see that they may have to wait until January nineteen fifty nine to get it Senator Douglas Democrat Bill Annoy who headed five Democratic senators pledging maximum efforts to alter the president rule says he doubts have much success in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Fifty, eight holding frankly I think the passage of the civil rights bill in the session that just ended is going to make it more difficult to change the rules. But Senator Thurmond the Democrat of south. Carolina certainly helped our cause by talking twenty four hours just delaying tactic. Brides train pulled by a locomotive the best man, the Conductor Win June hand and Thomas Lecarr Mary yesterday from South and boy New Jersey for years that thirty seven year old miss hand and the sixty two year old pair road the Pennsylvania Railroad's post-midnight altogether together from Newark to the north. Jersey shore one night, a railroad engineer introduce them the courtship was on nothing could sidetrack it. So when the two were married to have their job done. On the OWL, there was a special car for the bridal party streamers and white paper bells adorned as it came down from new. York passengers, blue horns, and tossed rice, and when the train reached the.

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