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People like me, doctor Scott Atlas, doctor Peter McCallum. We were giving these people data for three. I wrote on directly Redfield while I was in the administration with the defense science daily as it came to me. They could never see it. They never knew anything. We gave it to them. The problem here is the incentivize. Then Santa wise by doctors, the medical, we are in this position today because of medical doctors around the world, especially in America. They refuse to stand up because they were incentivized by item and keeping their jobs or threatened. They refused to stand up to use early treatment. They had the government selling fraud about lockdowns. Doctors helped government selling fraud about these gene injections, achy, vaccines. They lied to the public. Doctors have no credibility anymore. Zero. No one trusts them. And they earn that lack of respect because then their actions cause the deaths of people and what you just said about that reason study by shakshuka. I noticed study shows that your three times are more risk. More than three times the more doses of vaccine you get greater than three doses. It's a devastating study because it really shows the vaccine divide the element booster where they are pushing on you now on children. It's based on a study of 8 mice. Not human details, animal data, rural data, but just eat mice and these vasters want to vaccinate 200 million Americans. 8 months. And I can tell you, I studied the data, the 8 mice got sick, the lungs got infected. In other words, this trial that they're using to get emergency use that they got from FDA, the actual mice got sick. You should not even approve it. Not even the mice made it. But this is serious though, to your point, doctor, like, I don't trust the Doc, my medical industry. Because in all honesty, now that I realized with COVID and no disrespect to the medical community, but

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