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Hundred forty one forty nine next update at six ten freddie hammer wbz traffic some clouds start to come in the afternoon seventy two degrees so paul no not a bad day tonight occasional rain showers down near fifty five tomorrow's when the change comes in periods of rain in the morning near sixty degrees in the first half of the day that's when our high will happen falling temperatures with gusty breeze kicking up out of the north northwest fortyfive by let's say five or six in the evening and then a chance of showers into tomorrow evening then colder overnight into the mid thirty s sunshine returns and cool upper fifties coming in on sunday chance of showers on monday i'm meteorologist ray stagich from the weather channel news talk eleven ten and ninety nine three wbz weather thanks to get my perks dot com but right now it's clear forty five raheel fortythree in uptown more resume last month's killing of a sixty three you will ruin county woman old dimitri clark is charged with the murder of his grandmother insiders salisbury home and now to manner charge in connection with the crime clark's pocketbooks swipe during robbery credit card used after her death at several different locations police arresting craig helms junior and corey harrington for doing that not yet clear would cause thursday's blaze that rector rock hill church pastor gospel night baptists near winthrop winthrop university says little bounce back got a raise he knows all things pass president future and we're just going to trust him for the days of the fire was have church law requires state law enforcement division agents and the atf report of the investigation dui charges filed against the sixty one you'll driver of a charter bus headed to the masters the crash thursday georgia interstate injuring fifteen passengers as part of a deal to settle claims it illegally spied on muslims for years after the nine eleven islamic terrorist attacks the new york police department al agreeing not to conduct surveillance based on religion or ethnicity president trump speaking for the first time about the payment is personal attorney made to that porn star president trump says he did not know about the one hundred and thirty thousand dollar payment his personal attorney michael cohen made to adult film actress stormy daniels.

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