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Live from npr news in washington i'm korva coleman officials with the miami dade police department have increased the death toll from yesterday's pedestrian bridge collapsed near miami six people have been killed by the falling bridge and ten others have been hospitalized rescuers have now changed their work into a recovery effort the bridge was at florida international university where mark rosenberg is president all we can do is promise a very thorough investigation getting to the bottom of this and mourn those who we've lost the bridge was supposed to open next year as a safe way to cross a busy street the national transportation safety board is sending a team of specialists to investigate they'll start work this morning us officials say that national security adviser h r mcmaster will soon depart his position at the white house it could be within a month or two mcmaster and president trump have reportedly had a strained relationship npr's tom bowman told npr's morning edition the white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders says there are no present changes to announce she said i just spoke to the president general hr mcmaster contrary to reports they have a good working relationship there are no changes at the national security council of course she didn't say there won't be any change npr's tom bowman he reports that officials are exploring possible jobs within the us army for mcmaster but there is no obvious job that is appropriate for his stature nor or is there a clear successor to him as national security adviser.

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