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Not all want to represent fad all of the officers in san quentin our humanitarian ends it just not but i think it's important to know that this story is not an isolated incident sale live in west block on the fourth tear and every night i listen to this officers coming down the tear and i can hear him because he's stopping at people's sale and he's asking them how they're doing and and what are they doing this weekend and how are they feeling do you know just things that human being say to each other when they want to let each other no beg you matter so every night he comes to my selden no matter what i'm doing i just style and i tell them i say can i brother and he continues any finishes his cal preparing to go home to his family but before he goes he always says can i brothers brothers sisters goodnight the song you heard woven throughout this live law special was freedom composed in performed by david jossi you can hear the full version of david song and all of the stories presented live at san quentin as we'll see photos from the night by going to our website life of the law dot org the original version of this episode episode 73 live at san quentin was produced by jonathan her i handled minor production updates on this version episode one hundred and twentyfive every broadcast live at san quentin was a coproduction of life of the law the san quentin news the san quentin prison report the society of professional journalists northern california chapter and the california department of corrections and rehabilitation life of the law is a nonprofit project of the tide center and you can still make a tax deductible donation to help covered the direct cost of producing our stories so take a minute visit our website life of the law.

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