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This is twenty four feet Hohaia. Left can on the right edge of the green. On a Saturday balls making its way to the whole this has good speed at broke off to the left pace was good And just turn the left at the last second so he will tap in for his par. And we'll shoot to under on his opening nine he's. Trying to say So a good opening nine for Adam Scott four. Under like Tiger Woods like Jordan Spieth but Jordan Spieth in a lot of trouble at at. The par-four twelve and It, is just. Crazy out here the fact that the golf course, and the players came out finished the. Second round this morning play was halted on Friday at three. Thirty five pm they restarted this morning at seven AM they finished they got back on, the golf course one of those people back on the golf course John McGuinness Doesn't. Johnson finally has hit one close enough that it looks like birdies inevitable inside four feet here at eight drove it in the RAF had, a layup. But a beautiful wedge shot leaves him four feet, that would get him back to seven. Hundred power for this championship and not a minute. Too soon Oh and player that needs something to happen quickly Jordan speed who was had gotten at the seven-under-par just played his fifth shot at the par-four. Twelve, but he is going to have outside twenty five feet for a double, bogey, that will certainly drop him back let's go back to Bill rosinsky Adam Scott nineteen. Footer above the hole for birdie at number. Nine down the, slope, needs to turn left looking good on at. State on the left edge oh he looks back at the big gallery around the screen and they said. Hey we thought it was good to still a really good front nine for Adam Scott he is gonna, tapped in for his par, that's a nice smooth four hundred thirty one on his opening nine he's nine under can let you know that Jordan speed missed his double bogey attempt at the par-four twelve so it is a triple bogey seven, for Jordan speed drop them back to one under on the day four hundred for the tournament but it was an errant second shot out of the Woods that caught a tree, and, then out of bounds to the right then has put Jordan speed back in say. Has dropped him back in the golf tournament. Let's go back, to, Bill rosinsky Pat Perez comes to this ninth. Green one under for his round minus seven.

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