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This is what we're gonna do and You know when they came in with when when they had the enhanced task force It was a time for everybody to go back. Look at all the the previous years eighty two and eighty three all the documentation that we have collected. There was a lot of criticism on my work and And then they came in and divided my workup between themselves and criticized this and criticize that. And i'm going. Hey you put yourself in my place by myself and see if you could do a better job and so i think that all kind of was just building for me and And i think a lot of the detectives felt like. They weren't being listened to. But i. But i do think it's important at this point to say there. You know there were times where i know i was intense. I'm an i really. When i'm focused on doing something. I can get Driven is obsessed with it. And that's sort of what people saw me as they were getting worried about me and my health mental health and an i you know it was his turn at that point continually trying to convince people. Look i'm fine. I want to get this guy. I wanna quit screwing around and I know that. I may not have expressed myself to my command staff in a very professional and are sometimes. That's a euphemism. You told them to go and piss off young so been thinking about this for awhile. Opportunity on this show and i you know how you know as a christian you start look back on things and and you wanna make it right and so i've been thinking about about this. I just want to apologize to if if any of mild command staff folks are are listening to this show I i know there were there. Were a few times there. Were you know. I deserve to be chastised Pretty severely. Because i i you know. I'm not trying to make excuses but you know it was intense. There was a lot of pressure and body after body day after day You get emotional about it. And if things aren't going the way you think they should be gone kuttan this and and you know at one point they were. They were beginning to cut the task force back and They were talking about getting rid of the evidence that we had collected. And and i said what the hell are you talking about because this case opens up some day and you've destroyed the evidence. That defense has a perfect opportunity to say. Where's discovery well. We destroyed it not guilty or chargeable. Showcase goes not flip and auto theft. It's a homicide can't ten thousand items. The biggest item of evidence that we collected that that i made a decision on was we had a call a pickup truck in and a backhoe to pick up this stop tree.

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