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I'm just pumped up there times where the weekends on full things happen and then i can't wait to get on the air so forgive me if i'm little fired up this early monday morning i mean we have the caravans coming in don't don't panic on this this is planned that happens every year it's like it's like the return of the swallows you know capistrano it's like birds flying south bay let's bring people from all over south america bringing them up to the border that's what this happens it's an orchestrated attempt visit orchestrate orchestrated but what i would like to see the federal government and by the way people wanna come into this country it's horrible i don't know why as i the analogy i use it the inner cities like for example and some bad parts of chicago that just i don't know why the politicians don't even go there it rather than rather than fixing fixing going the city and fixing were there they say oh well let's do a special housing let's do special schools let's fix everything let's give them the opportunity to go why don't you go right to the heart of the problem and fix it they're at why why don't we go to honduras and why don't we baby mike pompeo on his first trip already meeting with bb netanyahu and very very it's very very inspirational to see mike pompeo secretary of state already in action maybe at one point the state department goes out and they they go and they help honduras out her guatemala out i mean if it's that terrible where people have to leave where is the un it always ends up being our problem i'm all for i'm a good christian on brace everybody but they aren't they're terrorists when you don't know who's within that big quote unquote caravan and why i can't afford to pay for it i.

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